Port high quality crosshairs from Xonotic, and replace the old ones
[voretournament/voretournament.git] / misc / rebranding /
2010-10-04 MirceaKitsuneRemove the osx rebranding script, because rebranding...
2010-10-04 MirceaKitsuneTweak linux rebranding script for div0-stable
2010-10-04 MirceaKitsuneOsx rebrand script, following div0-stable autobuilds
2010-10-04 MirceaKitsuneRebranding script - include x64 windows libs
2010-09-06 MirceaKitsuneInclude Linux in my rebranding script
2010-09-06 MirceaKitsuneText file stuff
2010-09-06 MirceaKitsuneAdd my little rebranding script and defaults to the...