Fox player model - Reduce bad deforms on expanded stomach states (sources only)
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2012-03-04 MirceaKitsuneRemaining parts of the new maps
2012-03-01 MirceaKitsuneCommit the rest of the new maps
2011-07-22 MirceaKitsuneInfo updates
2011-07-22 MirceaKitsuneRacetrack radar and other stuff
2011-07-20 MirceaKitsuneUpdate maplist
2011-07-20 MirceaKitsuneForgotten maplist update
2011-07-11 MirceaKitsuneUpdate radar and finish renaming the map
2011-07-06 MirceaKitsuneEvilspace radar and maplist
2011-07-06 MirceaKitsuneRadar and maplist for DesertFactory
2011-07-05 MirceaKitsuneUpdate maplist
2011-04-19 MirceaKitsuneFix maplist in default server config
2010-09-01 MirceaKitsuneInitial checkout of Vore Tournament 0.1.alpha.