2010-09-08 MirceaKitsuneI don't think we want this any more. Undo if I'm wrong
2010-09-08 MirceaKitsuneA space. To better delimit something...
2010-09-08 MirceaKitsuneMore yellow puke :)
2010-09-08 MirceaKitsuneWe can have a Grabber _inv image again
2010-09-08 MirceaKitsuneFix a comment
2010-09-08 MirceaKitsuneMany fixes and adaptations to the Accuracy Stats window...
2010-09-08 MirceaKitsuneWe are now version 0.3!
2010-09-08 MirceaKitsuneBetter regurgitating colors
2010-09-08 MirceaKitsuneBetter defaults for the radar
2010-09-08 MirceaKitsuneDo the same for the stomach model
2010-09-08 MirceaKitsuneGet the extension properly
2010-09-08 MirceaKitsuneuse a different system for applying the belly states
2010-09-08 MirceaKitsuneFix more cvar comments
2010-09-08 MirceaKitsuneFix an old temporary test code I had forgotten :)
2010-09-08 MirceaKitsuneDo it correctly
2010-09-08 MirceaKitsuneprey stealing: Don't do it for team mates
2010-09-08 MirceaKitsuneBetter cvar comments and names
2010-09-08 MirceaKitsuneUse MakeMulti until that slider is somehow fixed (old...
2010-09-08 MirceaKitsuneeater -> predator, because that's a more correct word
2010-09-08 MirceaKitsuneFix some gametype start ammo cvars
2010-09-08 MirceaKitsuneUse normal weapons in Clan Arena
2010-09-08 MirceaKitsuneComments
2010-09-08 MirceaKitsuneFix a little detail in the grabber code
2010-09-08 MirceaKitsuneChange some colors and update preview image
2010-09-08 MirceaKitsuneSome effects on the background image
2010-09-08 MirceaKitsuneL2 layer too
2010-09-08 MirceaKitsuneNew menu background
2010-09-08 MirceaKitsuneDon't put the background in the source image. Makes...
2010-09-08 MirceaKitsuneUse remove() instead. No need to keep the disabled...
2010-09-08 MirceaKitsuneFix for g_weapon_stay 3
2010-09-08 MirceaKitsuneComments
2010-09-08 MirceaKitsuneRespawn time -1 for items: Allows the item to never...
2010-09-08 MirceaKitsuneTeamheal AI: Don't swallow a team mate who is digesting...
2010-09-08 MirceaKitsuneFix two cvar names
2010-09-08 MirceaKitsune3 vore personalities for bots (multiplied by the bot_ai...
2010-09-08 MirceaKitsuneMore spawnpoints in Voretemple
2010-09-08 MirceaKitsuneFix a bug where the grabber would still stick to a...
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneAnother Todo
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneFix the other bug too. We now have no more known bugs :)
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneMy change to the Vore AI also fixed this bug
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneNah, why else?
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneOops, at highest skill
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneBase it on skill
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneVore AI: Team heal abandoning. When the probability...
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneImprove a message again
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneTeam heal indicator for the team bubble. You will now...
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsunecomment
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneTeach bots to use the "willingly leave" feature when...
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneMajor improvement in the bot AI. Don't execute the...
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneAlignment
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneOr maybe do bind it but in different order?
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneI think Jump is a more appropriate key for getting...
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneThis TODO is not needed any more, because we do damage...
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneHide that message differently for spectators
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneFix some comments for that last change
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneAdd a message that lets us know we can leave the belly...
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneFix a tiny issue
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneA comment
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneBad bot! Haven't I taught you not to kick team mate...
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneProper delays
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneBetter message
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneUse correct value in Vore_AI
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneStomach leaving feature (alt fire button for prey)...
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneCvar dependency for team healing AI
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneChange some item balances
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneAlso notify the prey when they're swallowed by a team...
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneTeam healing AI is now finished. It might still be...
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneTeam healing AI now working as intended, but not ready...
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneA Todo (found a use for the alt fire button in the...
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneOne more step in the teamhealing AI
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneFirst step in teaching bots to use the teamheal feature...
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneCorrect radar image this time
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneRevert that last change... not good
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneFix Voretemple minimap image
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneVoretemple compilation ready
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneRe-arrange some code in the meantime
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneMake the artwork slots per-map
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneMore fixes to Voretemple, and getting ready to do a...
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneDelete old voretemple map
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneMore updates to Voretemple (mostly dialogues, and you...
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneTodo
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneAlso turn your predator into your pusher. So we make...
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneInclude a text file listing the authors of each piece
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneDo it properly
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneDo the team check properly
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneRemove code for an outdated feature
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsuneIt's pointless for bots to randomly release you out...
2010-09-07 MirceaKitsunePut the regurgitate_prepare sound on a different channe...
2010-09-06 MirceaKitsuneKeep only one CTFscoring
2010-09-06 MirceaKitsuneDoes not belong on this repo any more
2010-09-06 MirceaKitsuneFix the sbar again. At this point, I'm releasing versio...
2010-09-06 MirceaKitsuneMake Soylent an RPG map too
2010-09-06 MirceaKitsuneForgotten dll's from last commit
2010-09-06 MirceaKitsuneUpdate \ replace more dll's
2010-09-06 MirceaKitsuneInclude Linux in my rebranding script
2010-09-06 MirceaKitsunePink item effects
2010-09-06 MirceaKitsuneMore descriptive comment
2010-09-06 MirceaKitsuneAdd cvar (acting as probability factor)
2010-09-06 MirceaKitsunePrey stealing system. When enabled, eating someone...
2010-09-06 MirceaKitsuneMove the rest of the swallowing code in the right place