prevent a malleability attack; this BREAKS THE PROTOCOL. Also change the library...
[xonotic/d0_blind_id.git] /
2010-07-10 Rudolf Polzerprevent a malleability attack; this BREAKS THE PROTOCOL...
2010-07-08 Rudolf Polzera "fastreject" facility helpful to generate keys with...
2010-04-25 Rudolf Polzerautoconf/automake fixes
2010-04-24 Rudolf Polzerlet's use more strict warnings, and help Visual Studio
2010-04-24 Rudolf Polzervisibility;
2010-04-24 Rudolf Polzerpkgconfig support
2010-04-24 Rudolf Polzerput d0.h to the header file
2010-04-24 Rudolf Polzerinitial autoconf stuff