allow reading/writing the camouflage
[xonotic/d0_blind_id.git] / main.c
2010-07-05 Rudolf Polzeradd a function to get a fingerprint of the public key...
2010-04-25 Rudolf Polzerdecl fixes
2010-04-25 Rudolf Polzerdon't use clock_gettime, OS X sucks
2010-04-25 Rudolf Polzermore fixes; always perform DH, perform DH rekeying...
2010-04-25 Rudolf Polzerembed a diffie hellmann key exchange
2010-04-25 Rudolf Polzerseparate RSA modulus from DL modulus; we still need...
2010-04-25 Rudolf Polzermake the signature on the private ID optional
2010-04-24 Rudolf Polzerlicense: LGPL 2.1
2010-04-24 Rudolf Polzerinitial import of blind_id