Add an in_releaseall command for debugging/working around stuck keys.
[xonotic/darkplaces.git] /
2017-09-28 divverentTravis/Xonotic: use Ubuntu's mingw-w64 and fix linux32...
2017-03-08 divverentUse SDL 2.0.5 for Xonotic builds.
2017-01-11 divverentTravis changes for Xonotic:
2016-03-13 divverentXonotic's travis script: Build the Linux binaries again...
2015-01-18 divverentTry to insert the Xonotic icon another way (without...
2015-01-09 divverentFix static linking.
2015-01-09 divverentUse a newer build chain for win32/win64.
2015-01-08 divverentRevert "If one compiler fails, try another."
2015-01-08 divverentIf one compiler fails, try another.
2014-08-28 divverentMore Travis changes :) Use SDL2 in all builds now.
2014-08-27 divverentAdd Travis-CI integration for Xonotic.