[xonotic/darkplaces.git] / bspfile.h
2005-03-06 havocadded SUPERCONTENTS_NODROP
2003-08-19 havocmore q3bsp work (and no it still doesn't work right)
2003-07-22 havocadded Q2 and Q3 contents flags
2003-05-23 havocmore preparation for quake2 bsp support
2002-06-02 knghtbrdDP code cleanup, stage one - all headers that can be...
2002-02-27 lordhavocrenamed byte to qbyte throughout engine to eliminate...
2001-04-26 lordhavoca big change with a little description...
2000-09-18 lordhavocremoval of various id386 junk
2000-08-22 lordhavocInitial revision