fix typo
[xonotic/darkplaces.git] / clvm_cmds.c
2006-03-04 havocfix typo
2006-03-04 havoceliminated calls to Matrix4x4_CreateIdentity (now copie...
2006-02-28 havocreduced number of GAME_NEXUIZ checks in the engine...
2006-02-25 havocQW support getting closer
2006-02-24 havocrenamed cl.protocol to cls.protocol
2006-02-07 havocchanged two MAX_LIGHTSTYLE references to cl_max_lightstyle
2006-02-01 havocadded description string to all cvars and commands
2006-01-16 havoccsqc patch from [515], seems to work with [515]'s dpcsq...