use dynamic eye position-centered bouncegrid when rendering in dynamic
[xonotic/darkplaces.git] / darkplaces-sdl.vcproj
2011-02-07 eihruladd missing thread files to vcprojs
2011-02-07 eihrulfactor out thread interface from dpsoftrast
2011-02-03 eihrulUSE_SDL define
2011-01-31 havocclean up the Compile as C and Compile as C++ options...
2011-01-30 havocadded dpsoftrast to project files
2010-10-28 havocfix MSVC2008 compilation again
2010-07-02 havoccreated new MSVC2008 project files and solution from...
2010-02-27 divverenttry to fix all project files (to add winmm)
2010-02-18 havocadd bih.[ch] to MSVC projects
2010-01-07 havocadded ft2 and utf8lib files
2009-09-06 echonCompile as C code, not C++ (vcproj setting)
2009-09-06 echonAdded a Profile build option, which is simply release...
2009-04-12 havocadded hmac.[ch] and cap_avi.[ch] and cap_ogg.[ch] to...
2009-03-29 havocupdated project files to include cap_avi.c and cap_ogg.c
2008-06-19 havocthanks to Willis for contributing a VS2005 x64 build...
2008-06-17 havocchanged build targets to all be in the darkplaces directory
2008-06-17 havocfixed all VS2005 deprecated function warnings