Change shader permutation flags to 64bit.
[xonotic/darkplaces.git] / dpsoftrast.c
2018-03-25 havocChange shader permutation flags to 64bit.
2016-09-10 havocFix MSVC++ 2015 warnings about variable scope and some...
2016-07-18 havocFix an error detected by -Wnarrowing (~0 narrowing...
2014-05-29 havocFixed a large number of WIN64 type conversion warnings.
2013-02-07 havocchanged format of builtin shader strings to use comma...
2013-02-07 eihrulremove unused macro
2012-12-01 eihrulsilence some warnings
2012-04-19 divverentremove some more dead code
2012-04-19 divverentremove some more dead code ("Dead Increment" bugs from...
2012-01-30 eihrulensure texture is not null before adjusting bind counter
2012-01-16 eihrulflip dpsoftrast's texture memory layout so it matches...
2011-10-22 havocmajor overhaul for thread-safety - many global variable...
2011-08-29 divverentgloss: exact specular math has min gloss exponent 4...
2011-08-29 divverentmake sure another way it never calculates 0^0
2011-08-29 divverentmake sure gloss never calculates 0^0
2011-08-24 eihrulfix bugs introduced by r11262
2011-08-24 eihrulfix crashing due to alignment
2011-08-24 eihrulALIGNED_SIZE -> ALIGN_SIZE
2011-08-24 eihrulonly need 4 byte alignment for atomicity
2011-06-13 divverentfix wrong array sizes in MODE_WATER in softrast causing...
2011-06-08 havocreworked use of alphatest - now only GL11/GL13/GLES1...
2011-04-11 divverentfix mingw breakage on Ubuntu
2011-04-10 divverentfix compilation of dpsoftrast on mingw32 (use Interlock...
2011-04-08 divverentclang has _mm_cvtss_f32 but not __builtin_ia32_vec_ext_v4sf
2011-04-06 eihrulmore concise version of Texture2DBGRA8
2011-04-06 divverentimplement MODE_WATER
2011-04-06 divverentmake MODE_REFRACTION not use TEXCOORD1..3 to help MODE_...
2011-04-06 divverentpreparation for MODE_WATER: refactor the pixel getting...
2011-04-05 eihrulworkaround for missing _mm_cvtss_f32 on some gcc versionsx
2011-04-04 eihruloptimize scanning for 0 alpha in FinishBGRA8
2011-04-04 eihrulFinishBGRA8 optimization and fixes
2011-04-04 eihrulfix some clipping plane bugs and FinishBGRA8 bug introd...
2011-04-04 havocremoved unused function DPSOFTRAST_Draw_Span_Finish
2011-04-04 eihrulclipplane validation fix
2011-04-04 havocadded simple affine check to accelerate texture fetches...
2011-04-04 eihrulinitial support for user clipping plane in dpsoftrast
2011-04-04 havocchanged pixelmask processing in DPSOFTRAST_Draw_Span_Fi...
2011-04-02 havocslight optimization to 2D rendering - if triangle wslop...
2011-04-01 eihrulfix the 0.5-fix
2011-04-01 divverentdpsoftrast: fix off-by-0.5 in GL_NEAREST
2011-04-01 divverentfix texture filtering accuracy bugs in the C variant...
2011-04-01 havocWGL client can now use DPSOFTRAST, added thread_win...
2011-04-01 eihrulfix Vertex_BoundY params
2011-04-01 eihrulfb validation fix
2011-04-01 havocdon't crash on NULL texture upload in dpsoftrast
2011-03-30 divverentfix the alpha bug in dpsoftrast.c
2011-03-30 divverenta fix for dpsoftrast refractions by eihrul
2011-03-30 divverentstart implementing REFRACTION
2011-03-30 divverentdpsoftrast: support r_shadow_glossexact
2011-03-30 divverentdpsoftrast: speed up deluxemapping a bit; support tange...
2011-03-20 eihrulswap out some _mm_stream_ps usage
2011-03-20 divverentfix GL20TU list for deluxemapping
2011-03-20 divverentdeluxemapping support for dpsoftrast
2011-03-20 eihrulsaturated bloom subtract
2011-03-20 eihrulfix post-process shader using invalid texcoord array
2011-03-20 eihrulfix row order of screen to texture copies
2011-03-20 eihrulfix some redundant shuffles
2011-03-01 havocremove more r_shadow_particletrace code I missed in...
2011-02-25 eihrultypo fix
2011-02-25 eihrulattempted fix for macosx compilation issues
2011-02-21 havocimplemented r_shadow_particletrace cvar which enables...
2011-02-16 divverentfix an unused variable
2011-02-13 havocfix a compile error where an int was being assigned...
2011-02-11 eihrulalways force a flush on copy to texture
2011-02-07 eihrulfactor out thread interface from dpsoftrast
2011-02-07 eihrulfix for span endpoint interpolation
2011-02-07 eihrulclamping for FlatColor shader (to fix gl_flashblend)
2011-02-06 eihrulfixed missing break statement
2011-02-06 eihrulimplemented scissoring of triangles and extra necessary...
2011-02-06 eihrulband interlacing option (vid_soft_interlace)
2011-02-05 eihrulensure UndoCommand wraps properly at 0
2011-02-05 eihrulremove errant debugging code... again
2011-02-05 eihrulattempted fix for VC compile errors
2011-02-05 eihrulremove debugging code
2011-02-05 eihruloptimized MultiplyVaryingBGRA8 and VaryingBGRA8
2011-02-04 eihruluse short indices when available instead of int (fixes...
2011-02-04 eihrulclear scissor fix
2011-02-04 eihrulmore fine-grained locking amongst backend threads
2011-02-04 eihruldistribute draw calls based on bounding box
2011-02-03 eihrulonly force flushing on a texture update if a texture...
2011-02-03 eihrulnearest filtering fix
2011-02-03 eihruldetect whether dpsoftrast is being built with SDL
2011-02-03 eihrulthreading and more SSE2 optimizations for dpsoftrast
2011-02-01 eihrulimplemented Texture_UpdatePartial
2011-01-31 havocfix compilation of dpsoftrast.c in MSVC - it doesn...
2011-01-29 eihruladded _USE_MATH_DEFINES for weird MSVC problem
2011-01-28 havocfix some C++ warnings
2011-01-28 eihruloptimized VertexColor shader
2011-01-28 eihrulfix clipping and backface culling bugs
2011-01-28 eihrulfaster attribute interpolation in ProcessTriangles
2011-01-28 eihrulmore texturing optimizations
2011-01-28 eihrulremoving one more reciprocal...
2011-01-28 eihrulswitch usage of reciprocals back to division (precision...
2011-01-28 eihrulSSE2 blending optimizations
2011-01-27 eihruldelay backface culling till after near plane test
2011-01-27 eihrulfix mipedgetc typo
2011-01-27 eihrulreplace some divisions with reciprocals
2011-01-27 eihruladded in some basic polygon offset compatibility (thoug...
2011-01-27 eihrulfix accessing of bottom mip level in Texture2DVaryingBGRA8