another attempt to fix skybox loading
[xonotic/darkplaces.git] / gl_poly.h
2001-06-15 lordhavocanother attempt to fix skybox loading
2001-05-30 lordhavocadded sky quality and show framerate options to menu
2001-05-30 lordhavocrearranged sky rendering code
2001-05-27 lordhavoccleaned up nearly all of the externs in .c files (moved...
2001-04-20 lordhavocadded newmap function to render modules (so explosions...
2001-04-06 lordhavocoptimized AngleVectors calls (pass NULL for vectors...
2000-12-09 lordhavocbmodel rotation physics now work
2000-10-31 lordhavoclighthalf related transpoly cleanup
2000-10-15 lordhavocGigantic commit - dlight system rewritten
2000-08-22 lordhavocInitial revision