Don't allow shortcuts with Ctrl+Alt because on Windows they can be used as the AltGr...
[xonotic/darkplaces.git] / mod_skeletal_animatevertices_sse.c
2016-09-10 havocFix MSVC++ 2015 warnings about variable scope and some...
2012-02-11 eihruldual quat -> matrix optimizations
2012-02-11 eihrulfix multiply for skeleton objects
2012-02-11 eihrulskeleton object openglorientation fix
2012-02-11 eihrulSIMD-ize the matrix multiplication in AnimateVertices
2012-02-07 eihrulspaces -> tabs
2012-02-07 eihruluse dual quaternions for frame blends
2012-02-04 eihrulconvert pose6s data to pose7s data to resolve quaternio...
2011-09-30 eihrulbetter fix for skeletal no-bones case
2011-09-30 eihrulhandle no-bones case for skeletal animation
2010-10-16 divverenttry fixing the SSE skeletonobjects case
2010-10-08 divverentSSE patch by kyre, with runtime CPU detection and a...