fix some prototype warnings
[xonotic/darkplaces.git] / net_wipx.c
2002-09-24 havocfix some prototype warnings
2002-09-24 havocThanks to Elric for adding dpmaster support!
2002-09-22 havocconst.
2002-06-02 knghtbrdA minor removal of a few pieces of dead code. Nothing...
2002-02-27 lordhavocrenamed byte to qbyte throughout engine to eliminate...
2001-05-27 lordhavoccleaned up nearly all of the externs in .c files (moved...
2000-08-31 lordhavoc-noipx changed to -ipx at Dabb's request.
2000-08-24 dabbBorland C++ compile fixes.
2000-08-22 lordhavocInitial revision