Added a builtin for te_flamejet
[xonotic/darkplaces.git] / svvm_cmds.c
2005-08-23 sajtAdded a builtin for te_flamejet
2005-08-23 sajtForgot a little portion of the comment :-(
2005-08-23 sajtAdded DP_SV_WRITEUNTERMINATEDSTRING extension
2005-08-20 havocadded DP_SV_PRECACHEANYTIME extension
2005-08-18 black-Increased MAX_LIGHTSTYLES to 256.
2005-08-17 blackFixed a bug in the r_shadow light entity parser which...
2005-08-08 havocadd DP_ENT_COLORMOD extension to extension lists
2005-07-19 blackMoved the $cvar parser to Cmd_TokenizeString.
2005-07-03 black-Moved findflags and findchainflags to the prvm_cmds.c.
2005-06-22 havocchanged a lot of Host_Error calls to Con_Printf or...
2005-05-29 havocadded DP_QUAKE3_MAP extension
2005-05-27 black-CVS: --------------------------------------------...