added back r_speeds2, with masses of information (6 lines high), and made it print...
[xonotic/darkplaces.git] / world.c
2001-02-09 lordhavocadded back r_speeds2, with masses of information (6...
2001-01-22 lordhavocclarifications about the format of svc_fog
2000-12-09 lordhavocbmodel rotation physics now work
2000-11-18 lordhavocbackport of PM_RecursiveHullCheck for speedup
2000-11-17 lordhavocupdated to version 1.50, build 75.
2000-10-15 lordhavocGigantic commit - dlight system rewritten
2000-09-06 lordhavocLinux GLX, a lot of code shrinkage/cleanup, assembly...
2000-08-24 dabbBorland C++ compile fixes.
2000-08-22 lordhavocInitial revision