2015-03-05 divverentFix crash in inputline.
2015-03-05 divverentDon't crash on too-many-water-planes.
2015-03-05 divverentCoverity fix.
2015-03-05 divverentFix a dpsnprintf use.
2015-03-05 divverentFix an overrun in altstr_prepare.
2015-03-05 divverentFix buffer overrun in font loading.
2015-03-05 divverentAnother NULL with broken worldmodel.
2015-03-05 divverentFix a NULL with missing worldmodel.
2015-03-05 divverentFix a dead initialization. Fix a use of an uninitialize...
2015-03-04 divverentFix a mdfour.c oops, sorry. Forgot the argument.
2015-03-04 divverentFix clang-analyzer false positives.
2015-03-04 divverentFix (harmless) use-after-free in zone.c.
2015-03-04 divverentFix uninitialized gunangles.
2015-03-04 divverentMake mdfour thread-safe.
2015-03-04 divverentFix a return-from-stack error.
2015-03-04 divverentFix memory corruption in loadconfig while in game/menu.
2015-03-04 divverentFix another buffer overrun in loadfont.
2015-03-04 divverentFix underflow in various commands when using an empty...
2015-03-04 divverentFix NULL crash in QW_CL_RequestNextDownload without...
2015-03-04 divverentRemove some useless paranoid comparisons.
2015-03-04 divverentFix some signed/unsigned mess. Not a real problem though.
2015-03-04 divverentFix overrun in fullinfo.
2015-03-04 divverentFix NULL in pause command.
2015-03-02 divverentJust in case, make collision cache sequence numbers...
2015-03-02 divverentJust in case, make QW sequence numbers unsigned too.
2015-03-02 divverentJust in case, make loadsequence unsigned too.
2015-03-02 divverentJust in case, make decalsequence always unsigned too.
2015-03-02 divverentMake the move sequence an unsigned int.
2015-03-02 divverentFix a VERY LONG loop caused by high unreliable sequence...
2015-03-02 divverentRemove an unused type.
2015-03-02 divverentFix warnings for missing prototypes.
2015-03-02 divverentAdd a Code::Blocks project file for the SDL build.
2015-03-02 divverentArgh. Fix my last fix :( changed the wrong field to...
2015-03-01 divverentFix texture type of renderbuffers (was random crap...
2015-02-27 divverentGet rid of some funny console spam on some invalid...
2015-02-27 divverentBetter handle invalid clc_ackframe commands.
2015-02-09 divverentCrypto: handle properly whether the a server key is...
2015-02-09 divverentFix an useless NULL check, and a very funny overrun.
2015-02-09 divverentFix dodgy use of plane.normal[3] as alias to plane...
2015-02-07 divverentOops, fix a printf.
2015-02-07 divverentRemove an useless null check.
2015-02-07 divverentFix registered/shareware detection.
2015-02-07 divverentTest return values of remove().
2015-02-07 divverentFix userdir detection on Unix systems.
2015-02-07 divverentFix pak loading bugs.
2015-02-07 divverentMake FS_mkdir static, and test for errors.
2015-02-07 divverentDetect negative name size in pk3s.
2015-02-07 divverentCheck lseek return values.
2015-02-07 divverentReject pk3s with obviously broken central directory.
2015-02-05 divverentMore coverity.
2015-02-04 divverentFix $# in aliases.
2015-02-04 divverentKill more unreachable code.
2015-02-04 divverentFix check order of keygen_i.
2015-02-04 divverentFix dead code.
2015-02-04 divverentFix check/write order in LHNETADDRESS_ToString.
2015-02-04 divverentMake vabuf static in rcon authentication check as it...
2015-02-04 divverentUse the correct bones count when parsing E5_COMPLEXANIM...
2015-02-04 divverentKill an useless NULL check that only confuses.
2015-02-03 divverentFix buffer size for injecting netname into demo files.
2015-01-31 divverentDon't match *default.cfg for default config matching.
2015-01-27 divverentSet the proper @rpath in the OS X binaries.
2015-01-18 divverentTry to insert the Xonotic icon another way (without...
2015-01-17 divverentSet basealpha on sprites too. Makes them visible again :)
2015-01-10 divverentLooks we can get WinXP support back by sacrificing...
2015-01-09 divverentFix static linking.
2015-01-09 divverentUse a newer build chain for win32/win64.
2015-01-09 divverentDisable even mod_skeletal_animatevertices_sse on win32...
2015-01-08 divverentNow that SSE is off, we can also kill -mstackrealign...
2015-01-08 divverentTurn off SSE in the win32 binaries. Damn travis.
2015-01-08 divverentMake 64bit binaries the new default in our travis scripts.
2015-01-08 divverentRevert "If one compiler fails, try another."
2015-01-08 divverentIf one compiler fails, try another.
2015-01-08 divverentRevert "Try using incoming-stack-boundary=2 instead...
2015-01-08 divverentTry using incoming-stack-boundary=2 instead of stackrea...
2015-01-06 divverentODE depends on C++. So let's link that in too...
2015-01-06 divverentOops, fix whitespace again. Aw man.
2015-01-06 divverentArgh. Fix quotes.
2015-01-06 divverentOops. Fix whitespace.
2015-01-06 divverentReformat the makeflags.
2015-01-06 divverentAdd missing CFLAGS for ODE.
2015-01-06 divverentStatically link to libjpeg again on Linux. Damn jpeg8...
2015-01-04 divverentFix the name again.
2015-01-04 divverentFix an executable name (darkplaces.exe)
2015-01-03 divverentXonotic/Windows: make SDL the default build.
2014-12-29 divverentSDL2: Fix dprint spam in the console when toggling...
2014-12-29 divverentUse proper Unicode defined characters for the "......
2014-12-29 divverentRealign stack for SDL/win32 builds. Yes, annoying,...
2014-12-09 eihrulfix Con_Printf in Mod_Q2BSP_LoadNodes
2014-12-09 eihrulmore miscellaneous fixes from graphitemaster
2014-12-09 eihrulspecify depth and stencil attachments separately (combi...
2014-12-09 eihrulgltexture_t->glisdepthstencil fix
2014-12-09 eihrulmiscellaneous fixes from graphitemaster
2014-12-07 divverentcurl: do not output requirements for files that are...
2014-11-26 divverentfixes some more Mac OS X buffer overlap errors
2014-11-26 divverentfix a buffer overlap with newer mac osx strlcpy
2014-10-16 divverentFix _alpha image loading.
2014-10-15 divverentIn current gccs, it is -mfpmath=sse, not -fpmath=sse.
2014-10-15 divverentFix possible endless loop in VM_sprintf.
2014-10-09 divverentRegenerate SSH key.
2014-10-04 divverentIf vid_desktopfullscreen is set, manually initialize...