2011-04-22 Rudolf Polzerwhen rejecting/unrejecting, say so in the commit message
2011-04-22 Rudolf Polzergenerally allow empty commits
2011-04-22 Rudolf Polzeralso add command line options for this
2011-04-22 Rudolf Polzeradd a way to permanently reject an upstream commit
2011-03-26 Rudolf Polzerfix author email when unmerging
2011-03-20 Rudolf Polzercall merge tool properly
2010-10-31 Rudolf Polzergit-branch-manager: funny feature --skip that will...
2010-10-20 Rudolf Polzerbetter handle stdin
2010-10-20 Rudolf Polzercomment
2010-10-20 Rudolf Polzergit-recurse: comments
2010-10-20 Rudolf Polzergit-recurse: show on stderr what it is doing
2010-10-20 Rudolf Polzergit-recurse: improvements
2010-10-20 Rudolf Polzergit-recurse: nice tool to recurse through sub-clones
2010-03-02 Rudolf PolzerCGI fixes
2010-03-02 Rudolf PolzerCGI support?
2010-01-24 Rudolf Polzerfix unmerging in the branch manager
2010-01-20 Rudolf Polzersupport remote branches
2010-01-19 Rudolf Polzergit-update-octopus
2010-01-18 Rudolf Polzergit-split-repository
2010-01-11 Rudolf Polzerfix declaration bug
2010-01-11 Rudolf Polzerfix mirror command
2010-01-11 Rudolf Polzerinitial import of git tools...