Arithmetic exception flag and a plethora of tests.
[xonotic/gmqcc.git] / utf8.c
2014-01-26 Wolfgang BumillerMerge branch 'master' into cooking
2014-01-01 Dale WeilerHappy new year!
2013-10-11 Dale WeilerThis can actually be much smaller, 204 bytes!
2013-10-11 Dale WeilerMore typos
2013-10-11 Dale Weilertypo
2013-10-11 Dale WeilerDocument what the utf8 table actually is
2013-10-11 Dale WeilerWrong operand order it's 0xf4u-0xc2u i.e 0x32.
2013-10-11 Dale WeilerLess flexible more economical utf8 decoder.
2013-04-24 Wolfgang BumillerGrrrr
2013-04-24 Dale WeilerMerge branch 'master' into cooking
2013-04-24 Dale WeilerGet it compiling in visual studio again.
2013-04-21 Dale WeilerMerge branch 'cooking'
2013-04-17 Wolfgang Bumillerfix warnings to allow compiling with -O3
2013-01-01 Dale WeilerHappy new years!
2012-12-28 matthiaskrgrMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2012-12-28 Dale Weilers/\t/ /g - utf8.c
2012-12-28 Dale WeilerFix another Blub bug .. learn to use comments properly :P
2012-12-28 Wolfgang Bumiller... This... I'll have to git rewrite-history at some...
2012-12-23 Wolfgang Bumillerutf8lib.c -> utf8.c - I hope windows 8 allows this...