2013-06-04 Wolfgang Bumillerslackware pkg build files
2013-06-04 Dale WeilerSome typos.
2013-06-04 Dale WeilerGentoo ebuilds
2013-06-04 Dale WeilerAdd license header
2013-06-04 Dale WeilerDoh
2013-06-04 Dale WeilerMajor header reworking, this respects the namespaces...
2013-06-02 Wolfgang Bumillerremove the ast tree earlier - saves over 3% peak memory...
2013-06-02 Dale WeilerFix a divide by zero error
2013-06-02 Dale WeilerFix output
2013-06-02 Dale WeilerFix two bugs
2013-06-02 Dale WeilerSome cleanups
2013-06-02 Dale WeilerFix the peak
2013-06-02 Dale WeilerHoly whoops
2013-06-02 Dale WeilerMajor utility rewrite for compiler memory utilization...
2013-06-02 Dale WeilerSome static
2013-06-02 Dale WeilerHashtable statistics too
2013-06-02 Dale WeilerTrack hashtables too
2013-06-02 Dale WeilerTrack strdups too in the statistics
2013-06-02 Dale WeilerThis was an experiment that snuk it's way inside that...
2013-06-02 Dale WeilerVector tracing, step two in determining how to lower...
2013-06-02 Dale WeilerGuart statistics by option.
2013-06-02 Dale WeilerAdd statistics for vector usage to the output. Step...
2013-06-01 Wolfgang Bumillerfix a leak on a parse-error
2013-06-01 Dale WeilerDoh
2013-06-01 Dale WeilerFix some possible memleaks.
2013-06-01 Wolfgang BumillerMerge branch 'master' into cooking
2013-06-01 Wolfgang Bumillerfix the INCLUDE_DEF flag getting applied regardless...
2013-06-01 Wolfgang BumillerMerge branch 'master' into cooking
2013-06-01 Wolfgang Bumillerfix: dotranslate now sets AST_FLAG_INCLUDE_DEF to not...
2013-05-30 Dale WeilerMerge branch 'cooking' of github.com:graphitemaster...
2013-05-30 Dale Weilercolumn printing for warnings and errors now
2013-05-29 Wolfgang Bumillernow a bare 'return;' is not required anymore if return...
2013-05-29 Wolfgang Bumillermake sure missing return values still warn
2013-05-29 Wolfgang Bumillerreturn assignment factorial test
2013-05-29 Wolfgang Bumillerfixing that comment...
2013-05-29 Wolfgang Bumillerassignable return value now lives in ast_function,...
2013-05-29 Dale WeilerMake static
2013-05-29 Dale WeilerUpdate test template.
2013-05-29 Dale WeilerUpdate man page
2013-05-29 Dale WeilerExperimental support for implicit return assignments...
2013-05-29 Dale WeilerMerge branch 'union-replacement' into cooking
2013-05-29 Dale WeilerAdd back that splint flag
2013-05-29 Dale WeilerFix that memory leak that I spent hours trying to find...
2013-05-29 Dale WeilerMajor export cleanup. Anything that was exported but...
2013-05-29 Dale WeilerPrevent negitive numbers from being used as the left...
2013-05-29 Dale WeilerResult of shift operation on signed integers is bad.
2013-05-29 Dale WeilerCleanups and fixes
2013-05-11 Wolfgang Bumillerkilling the union types
2013-05-11 Wolfgang Bumillerfirst step to getting rid of those unions we don't...
2013-05-07 Wolfgang Bumillerless confusing
2013-05-07 Wolfgang Bumillerbe more strict here
2013-05-07 Wolfgang Bumillerremoving this dead code_init call
2013-05-07 Wolfgang Bumillerfixing a few leaks - code_write doesn't delete the...
2013-05-07 Wolfgang Bumillerchanging a few ast_delete to ast_unref in places where...
2013-05-05 Wolfgang BumillerMerge pull request #111 from matthiaskrgr/cooking_stuff
2013-05-05 Matthias Krüger.gitignore: add binarys
2013-05-02 Dale WeilerEscape strings in executor for -printdefs
2013-04-28 Dale WeilerImplemented support for having codegen (and lno files...
2013-04-28 Dale WeilerFix deps (remove duplicates with clever make tricks)
2013-04-28 Dale WeilerMerge branch 'cooking' of github.com:graphitemaster...
2013-04-28 Dale WeilerLess general name for PAK utility, added install target...
2013-04-27 Wolfgang BumillerMerge branch 'master' into cooking
2013-04-27 Wolfgang BumillerMerge pull request #109 from matthiaskrgr/PKGBUILD_master
2013-04-27 Matthias KrügerPKGBUILD: archlinux: fix build by applying a patch...
2013-04-27 Wolfgang BumillerMerge branch 'master' into cooking
2013-04-27 Wolfgang Bumillerdup is marked as warn-unused-result
2013-04-27 Dale WeilerExpression has undefined behavior (left operand modifie...
2013-04-27 Wolfgang Bumillerdebian Makefile had the same flaw as archlinux/this...
2013-04-27 Wolfgang BumillerMerge branch 'master' into cooking
2013-04-27 Wolfgang Bumillerupdating archbsd and archlinux release/PKGBUILD files
2013-04-27 Wolfgang BumillerMerge branch 'master' into cooking
2013-04-27 Wolfgang BumillerUpdate CHANGES file
2013-04-27 Wolfgang BumillerStarting point of 0.3.0
2013-04-27 Wolfgang Bumillerthis should be tagged 0.2.9
2013-04-26 Wolfgang Bumillerfix distro/ Makefiles 0.2.9
2013-04-26 Wolfgang Bumillerdon't overwrite ldflags/libs env vars
2013-04-26 Dale WeilerFix OSX compiles
2013-04-26 Wolfgang Bumillerdon't overwrite ldflags/libs env vars
2013-04-26 Wolfgang Bumillerast_value now has an initializer list array, still...
2013-04-26 Wolfgang Bumilleran = before an { is also always required when the decla...
2013-04-25 Dale WeilerAdd expressions for builtins test
2013-04-25 Wolfgang Bumillersolve it, not hide it
2013-04-25 Wolfgang BumillerRevert "Just fucking initialize everything"
2013-04-25 Wolfgang Bumillermanpage and ini update
2013-04-25 Dale WeilerJust fucking initialize everything
2013-04-25 Dale WeilerPushing the -fexpressions-for-builtins stuff and the...
2013-04-25 Wolfgang Bumillerthis allows builtin numbers to be constant expressions...
2013-04-25 Wolfgang Bumillerchange the value of TOKEN_EOF
2013-04-25 Dale WeilerLess extern
2013-04-25 Dale Weilercleaner
2013-04-25 Dale Weilerless globals
2013-04-25 Dale WeilerNo more globals for codegen
2013-04-25 Wolfgang Bumillerthese can be const now before-library
2013-04-25 Dale WeilerThat is also not needed anymore
2013-04-25 Dale Weilernot needed for arm anymore
2013-04-25 Dale WeilerApply some static where it belongs
2013-04-25 Dale WeilerFix alignment issues (can remove a clang warning, and...
2013-04-25 Dale WeilerUse the LIBS properly
2013-04-24 Wolfgang BumillerGrrrr
2013-04-24 Wolfgang Bumillermanpage: document and explain __FUNC__ and __NULL__