Gak without a helmet.
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2010-06-02 Sahil SinghalGak without a helmet.
2010-06-02 Sahil SinghalRename to gakarmored.
2010-06-02 Sahil SinghalAnims done. Fixed weapon position.
2010-06-02 Sahil SinghalFix duckjump.
2010-06-02 Sahil SinghalAdd source for gak/seraphina. Not done.
2010-05-23 Sahil SinghalSource animation and weapon pos fixes.
2010-05-23 Sahil SinghalUmbra weapon position fixes. sv_pitch_fixyaw 0.
2010-05-23 Sahil SinghalAdd source for ignishalfmasked and masked
2010-05-23 Sahil SinghalFixes.
2010-05-18 Sahil SinghalFix rl position.
2010-05-17 Sahil SinghalFix doubles.
2010-05-16 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote branch 'refs/remotes/origin/diabolik/weapo...
2010-05-16 Sahil SinghalSome position fixes.
2010-05-15 Sahil SinghalSource for invisible h_* models.
2010-05-15 Sahil SinghalModels source
2010-05-14 Sahil SinghalCrylink.
2010-05-14 Sahil SinghalUzi source.
2010-05-14 Sahil SinghalDelete backup blends.
2010-05-14 Sahil SinghalSource for laser and shotgun.
2010-05-13 Sahil SinghalBlend files for pyria and umbra.
2010-05-08 Rudolf Polzeradd mediasource