Update Xolonium font sources to version 3.1
[xonotic/mediasource.git] / sound / weapons /
2012-10-24 Rudolf PolzerKlein bottle source by CuBeOwL ;) xonotic-v0.7.0
2012-07-05 Rudolf Polzerfindloop fixes
2012-02-19 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'mediasource/m0rfar/SkySources' of git...
2011-10-12 Rudolf Polzerimproved loopfinder algorithm
2011-10-12 Rudolf Polzerbetter comparisons
2011-10-12 Rudolf Polzersome improvements
2011-10-12 Rudolf Polzersource .sh for our sounds
2011-10-12 Rudolf Polzeruse peak normalization
2011-10-12 Rudolf Polzermore improvement for loopnote making from fluidsynth
2011-10-12 Rudolf Polzeruse a temp dir
2011-10-12 Rudolf Polzermake this mess work with fluidsynth too :P
2011-10-11 Rudolf Polzerfluidsynth case still doesn't work even with correct...
2011-10-11 Rudolf Polzerupdate for fluidsynth
2011-10-11 Rudolf Polzeradd a primitive tuba loopnote maker for timidity to...