- Added Undo/Redo-Toolbarbuttons (Shaderman)
[xonotic/netradiant.git] / radiant / mainframe.cpp
2007-01-24 namespace- Added Undo/Redo-Toolbarbuttons (Shaderman)
2007-01-17 namespace- Fixed "jumping" texcoords when switching to a shader...
2006-11-06 namespace- (TODO) Texture sizes sometimes vary wildly. New textu...
2006-10-12 namespace- Updated help menu web links (removed map-center.com...
2006-10-09 namespace- Added option to toggle the camera window stats on/off
2006-10-07 namespace- Added "select inside" and "select touching"
2006-09-30 namespace- Added LocalLcPath to plugin interface
2006-06-11 spogminor refactoring
2006-05-29 spogfixed camera freemove shortcuts bug
2006-05-13 spogintegrated x86_64 patch from LordHavoc
2006-05-09 spogportability fixes
2006-04-30 spogported bobtoolz
2006-04-09 spogrefactored plugin api; refactored callback library...
2006-03-20 spogcopy/paste face textures; fixed gtk assert on linux
2006-02-10 TTimook