reverting my last change as I don't know where to put it
[xonotic/netradiant.git] / setup /
2006-12-17 namespaceAdding missing warzow xml-files
2006-12-17 namespace17/12/2006
2006-12-16 namespace15/12/2006
2006-10-12 namespaceAdded missing bitmaps
2006-10-12 namespace- Updated help menu web links (removed
2006-10-09 namespace- Added missing prey.xml for win32 setup
2006-10-08 namespace- Fix for bug 1106 - .wad files don't get listed in...
2006-10-03 namespace- Changed ETB tag toolbar to a notebook with tag/textur...
2006-10-01 namespace- Added missing xml files for win32 installer
2006-10-01 namespace- Fixed Etb saving custom tags to global tagfile (Shade...
2006-09-30 namespace- Added LocalLcPath to plugin interface
2006-07-31 spogadded missing file
2006-07-09 spogupdated libxml2 win32 package to 2.6.24
2006-05-13 spogadded plugins to win32/linux installers; fixed crash...
2006-04-30 spogported bobtoolz
2006-03-02 spogupdated end-user changelog
2006-02-24 spogGPL text in windows installer
2006-02-12 spogadded msvc dlls to; added svn revision looku...
2006-02-10 TTimook