2017-08-01 TimePathMerge branch 'TimePath/gtk++' into 'master'
2017-08-01 TimePathFix minizip regression
2017-07-31 TimePathFix legacy makefile 59/head
2017-07-31 TimePathRemove a few glib includes in headers
2017-07-31 TimePathRemove a few gdk includes in headers
2017-07-31 TimePathRemove the final gtk headers in headers
2017-07-31 TimePathRebase onto master
2017-07-31 TimePaths/nullptr/ui::null/ where appropriate
2017-07-31 TimePathFix GCC7 issues
2017-07-31 TimePathFix MSYS2 issues
2017-07-31 TimePathFix GTK3 crash
2017-07-31 TimePathWrap GtkGLArea
2017-07-31 TimePathUse non-deprecated GDK key constants
2017-07-31 TimePathWrap g_object_unref
2017-07-31 TimePathWrap g_signal_connect
2017-07-31 TimePathFix release build
2017-07-31 TimePathRemove <gtk/gtk.h> from radiant/dialog.h
2017-07-31 TimePathRemove <gtk/gtk.h> from radiant/textureentry.h
2017-07-31 TimePathRemove <gtk/gtk.h> from gtkutil/xorrectangle.h
2017-07-31 TimePathRemove <gtk/gtk.h> from gtkutil/window.h
2017-07-31 TimePathRemove <gtk/gtk.h> from gtkutil/widget.h
2017-07-31 TimePathRemove <gtk/gtk.h> from gtkutil/toolbar.h
2017-07-31 TimePathRemove <gtk/gtk.h> from gtkutil/nonmodal.h
2017-07-31 TimePathRemove <gtk/gtk.h> from gtkutil/entry.h
2017-07-31 TimePathRemove <gtk/gtk.h> from gtkutil/dialog.h
2017-07-31 TimePathRemove <gtk/gtk.h> from gtkutil/cursor.h
2017-07-31 TimePathRemove <gtk/gtk.h> from gtkutil/container.h
2017-07-31 TimePathRemove implicit Window constructor
2017-07-31 TimePathPurge gtk_container_add
2017-07-31 TimePathPurge GTK forward declarations
2017-07-31 TimePathPurge gtk_widget_show from radiant/*
2017-07-31 TimePathWrap gtkutil/dialog
2017-07-31 TimePathWrap gtkutil/cursor
2017-07-31 TimePathWrap gtkutil/container
2017-07-31 TimePathRemove <gtk/gtk.h> from most of radiant/*
2017-07-31 TimePathRemove <gtk/gtk.h> from plugins/*
2017-07-31 TimePathWrap gtkutil/window
2017-07-31 TimePathWrap gtkutil/widget
2017-07-31 TimePathWrap gtkutil/toolbar
2017-07-31 TimePathWrap gtkutil/nonmodal
2017-07-31 TimePathWrap gtkutil/menu
2017-07-31 TimePathWrap gtkutil/image
2017-07-31 TimePathWrap gtkutil/frame
2017-07-31 TimePathWrap gtkutil/entry
2017-07-31 TimePathWrap gtkutil/dialog
2017-07-31 TimePathWrap gtkutil/button
2017-07-31 TimePathWrap GtkListStore
2017-07-31 TimePathAlign with GTK object hierarchy
2017-07-31 TimePathPropagate ui::Window
2017-07-31 TimePathWrap GTK
2017-07-31 TimePathRemove 156 files
2017-07-31 TimePathCMake: really fix installing gamepacks
2017-07-31 TimePathCMake: mark modules as a dependency of radiant
2017-07-31 TimePathCMake: switch minizip casing
2017-07-31 TimePathCMake: Make dll bundling optional
2017-07-31 TimePathFix the mapping wiki link
2017-07-31 TimePathCMake: fix installing gamepacks
2017-07-31 TimePathCMake: make default install prefix actually work
2017-07-31 TimePathCMake: install all tools
2017-07-30 TimePathCMake: add install target
2017-07-30 TimePathDefault symbol visibility to hidden
2017-07-30 TimePathMerge branch 'subdiv' into 'master'
2017-07-30 TimePathMerge branch 'illwieckz/files'
2017-07-30 TimePathRemove leading . in CMAKE_EXECUTABLE_SUFFIX if it has...
2017-07-30 TimePathRemove leading . in CMAKE_EXECUTABLE_SUFFIX if it has one
2017-07-29 Thomas Debesseremove version string from home config path 63/head
2017-07-29 Thomas Debessesupports XDG_CONFIG_HOME on Linux
2017-07-29 Thomas Debessefix homedir version
2017-07-29 Thomas Debessereally filter notex (filter fallback)
2017-07-29 Thomas Debesseremember last opened folder
2017-07-29 Thomas Debesseadd command line support
2017-07-29 Thomas Debesse[dpkdir] introducing dpkdeps.h
2017-07-29 Thomas Debesse[dpkdir] restart VFS only for Map_Free() and Map_LoadFi...
2017-07-29 Thomas Debesse[dpkdir] revert *MapFileObservers() addition, fix #105
2017-07-29 TimePathUpdate README.md (spaces are bad)
2017-07-29 TimePathRemove attempt to default CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE, it does...
2017-07-29 TimePathUpdate README (restore MSYS2 workaround)
2017-07-29 TimePathUpdate README (compiling in release mode)
2017-07-29 TimePathUpdate README
2017-07-29 TimePathMSYS2: automatically copy dlls as part of build
2017-07-29 TimePathMerge branch 'fix-lightanglehl' into 'master'
2017-07-29 TimePathMerge branch 'iqmmodel' into 'master'
2017-07-29 TimePathMerge branch 'fix-minizip' into 'master'
2017-07-27 maekFix build for Windows when using CMake 68/head
2017-07-27 Thomas Debesse[q3map2] allow to set arbitrary default light subdivisi... 67/head
2017-07-26 maekFix argument parsing for -lightanglehl 65/head
2017-07-24 Thomas Debesseadd iqmmodel to cmake build 62/head
2017-07-24 harveynikApply Max's iqm support patch.
2017-07-22 TimePathSwitch to minizip
2017-07-18 MarioMerge branch 'dpkdir' into 'master'
2017-07-18 Thomas Debesserefresh VFS on map change instead of restarting VFS... 53/head
2017-07-16 TimePathFix the build on my system
2017-07-16 MarioMerge branch 'fixurl' into 'master'
2017-07-16 MarioMerge branch 'export' into 'master'
2017-07-15 Thomas DebesseName _Export_ option ”Export” 54/head
2017-07-15 Thomas Debesserefresh DPK VFS before refreshing textures
2017-07-12 MarioMerge branch 'fixpk3' into 'master'
2017-07-11 Thomas Debesselittle url fixup 52/head
2017-07-11 Thomas Debessefix pk3 archive loading 49/head
2017-07-11 MarioMerge branch 'fixurl' into 'master'