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2019-09-27 MarioMerge branch 'master' into martin-t/echo 476/head
2019-08-29 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/stats_eloranking
2019-04-21 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/translated_keys
2018-11-01 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into martin-t/dmgtext
2018-09-30 MarioMerge branch 'master' into DefaultUser/func_button_relay 486/head
2018-09-26 Martin TaibrMerge branch 'master' into martin-t/bullet-trails
2018-08-22 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/morphed_explosivesmodel
2018-08-07 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into Mario/cursor
2018-08-03 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/divVerent/fullbright'
2018-07-17 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/bot_ai
2018-07-11 MarioMerge branch 'sev/lumaIcons' into 'master'
2018-07-10 LybertaMerge branch 'master' into Lyberta/TeamplayOverhaul
2018-07-06 Rudolf PolzerFix sort order of languages list.
2018-02-18 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into TimePath/scrollpanel 268/head
2017-09-03 LybertaMerge branch 'master' into Lyberta/KillSound
2017-04-07 MarioMerge branch 'Lyberta/PlayerDied' into 'master'
2017-04-07 MarioMerge branch 'amade/small-fixes' into 'master'
2017-04-04 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/cts_respawn_clear 432/head
2017-04-02 LybertaMerge branch 'master' into Lyberta/DebugPrintToChat
2017-04-02 LybertaMerge branch 'master' into Lyberta/TeamplayFixes_
2017-04-02 LybertaMerge branch 'master' into Lyberta/StandaloneOverkillWe...
2017-03-31 Rudolf PolzerFix comment about -N use.
2017-03-31 Rudolf PolzerDisable fuzzy translation matching for Transifex use.
2017-03-31 Rudolf Polzercheck-translations.sh: Output whether the translations...
2016-06-14 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/balance
2016-06-12 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/showspecs
2016-03-02 MirioMerge branch 'master' into mirio/balance
2016-02-14 MarioMerge branch 'master' into morphed/hagar
2016-01-31 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/weaponmodel_effe...
2016-01-15 Rudolf PolzerFix the data source for the QC file lists.
2016-01-15 Rudolf PolzerFix "make clean" on Debian (dash). Use cpp's file lists...
2015-11-29 TimePathMerge branch 'master' into TimePath/csqc_viewmodels
2015-11-29 TimePathMerge branch 'master' into TimePath/stats
2015-11-13 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/bulldozer
2015-11-13 TimePathMerge branch 'master' into TimePath/csqc_sounds
2015-11-08 MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/quickmenu_file_example' into...
2015-11-08 MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/menu_languages' into 'master'
2015-10-23 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/menu_languages 241/head
2015-10-16 terencehilllangauges.txt generator: output the current en line...
2015-10-16 terencehillFix Deutsch (Schweiz) displayed incorrectly in the...
2015-04-14 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/showspecs
2015-03-06 Matthias KrügerMerge branch 'master' into matthiaskrgr/hudsetup
2015-02-09 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/divVerent/crypto...
2015-01-22 MarioMerge branch 'master' into sev/hud_kh
2015-01-21 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/ctf_updates
2015-01-20 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/itemstime
2015-01-20 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/ons_updates
2015-01-20 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/physics
2015-01-20 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/turrets
2015-01-20 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/vaporizer_damage
2015-01-19 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/quickmenu
2015-01-11 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'terencehill/teams_override_cvars' into...
2015-01-11 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'sev/scoreboard_skin' into 'master'
2015-01-11 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'terencehill/keybinds.txt.it_update' into...
2015-01-11 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/mrbougo/clonefixes'
2015-01-07 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/vehicles
2015-01-05 TimePathMerge branch 'master' into TimePath/experiments/csqc_pr...
2015-01-02 Severin MeyerMerge branch 'master' into sev/luma
2014-12-30 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/music_player
2014-12-30 Rudolf PolzerUpdate languages list!
2014-12-30 Rudolf PolzerAdd a feature to regenerate the languages file.
2014-12-30 Rudolf PolzerTransifex merge.
2014-12-13 MarioMerge branch 'master' into mirceakitsune/player_cubemaps
2014-01-28 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/spawnsystem_mutator
2014-01-06 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/hud_code_cleanup
2014-01-05 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/ca_ft_fixes
2014-01-04 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/vehicles_fixes
2013-12-29 Samual LenksMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/terencehill/color_...
2013-12-26 Samual LenksMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into samua...
2013-12-23 MarioMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/music_player
2013-12-06 Samual LenksMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into samua...
2013-12-03 MarioMerge branch 'master' into divVerent/4team_ctf
2013-11-26 Samual LenksMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/zykure/playerstats...
2013-11-08 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/quickmenu_merge
2013-10-23 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/notifications
2013-10-22 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/respawn_delays
2013-10-13 Samual LenksMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into samua...
2013-10-12 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/monsters
2013-10-11 Matthias KrügerMerge branch 'master' into matthiaskrgr/hudsetup
2013-10-11 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/mirceakitsune...
2013-10-11 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/mrbougo/quickfix...
2013-10-07 MarioMerge branch 'Mario/spawnsystem_mutator' into Mario...
2013-10-07 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/csqc_models
2013-10-06 Samual LenksMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into samua...
2013-10-04 Rudolf PolzerCongratulations to terencehill - Italian is complete!
2013-10-01 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/spawnsystem_mutator
2013-10-01 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/notifications
2013-10-01 MarioMerge branch 'Mario/quickmenu_merge' of nl.git.xonotic...
2013-10-01 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/quickmenu_merge
2013-10-01 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/respawn_delays
2013-09-23 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/divVerent/noautoma...
2013-09-17 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' into divVerent/desktopfullscreen
2013-09-16 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/ca_ft_fixes
2013-09-15 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/vehicles_fixes
2013-09-15 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/monsters
2013-09-14 Samual LenksMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/debugger/dualscree...
2013-09-14 Samual LenksMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/Mario/yet_another_...
2013-09-14 Matthias KrügerMerge branch 'master' into matthiaskrgr/hudsetup
2013-09-14 MarioMerge branch 'master' into divVerent/4team_ctf
2013-09-14 Samual LenksMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into samua...