Fix bots waiting for a teamed item to spawn again once they got it (e.g. megas and...
[xonotic/xonotic-data.pk3dir.git] / qcsrc / common / t_items.qc
2017-09-06 terencehillFix bots waiting for a teamed item to spawn again once...
2017-09-02 LybertaMerge branch 'master' into Lyberta/TeamplayFixes_
2017-09-02 TimePathMerge branch 'martin-t/snt' into 'master'
2017-09-02 TimePathMerge branch 'TimePath/spawnfuncs' into 'master'
2017-09-01 TimePathMerge branch 'Lyberta/URS2' into 'master'
2017-08-30 LybertaURS: Added GiveResourceWithLimit.
2017-08-30 LybertaMerge branch 'master' into Lyberta/URS2
2017-08-29 LybertaURS: Refactored Item_GiveAmmoTo.
2017-08-28 LybertaMoved USR into separate file.
2017-08-28 LybertaURS: Not only players have resources.
2017-08-28 LybertaURS: Added player argument to GetResourceLimit.
2017-08-28 LybertaUse GetResourceLimit in player_regen.
2017-08-28 LybertaFixed typo.
2017-08-28 LybertaStarted unified resource system - step 2.
2017-08-27 LybertaMerged master into Lyberta/TeamplayFixes_.
2017-08-27 MarioMerge branch 'martin-t/okc' into 'master'
2017-08-27 Martin Taibroptimize player based respawn time 464/head
2017-08-27 Martin TaibrMerge branch 'master' into martin-t/okc
2017-08-27 MarioMerge branch 'Lyberta/GivePlayerAmmo' into 'master'
2017-08-27 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Lyberta/GivePlayerAmmo
2017-08-26 LybertaAdded GivePlayerResource.
2017-08-26 LybertaMerged master into Lyberta/GivePlayerAmmo.
2017-08-26 LybertaReturn early in GivePlayerAmmo.
2017-08-26 LybertaMoved HARD_LIMIT check a bit.
2017-08-26 LybertaMoved HARD_LIMIT check into player_regen.
2017-08-26 LybertaAdded GivePlayerFuel.
2017-08-26 LybertaAdded ITEM_COUNT_HARD_LIMIT.
2017-08-26 LybertaUse g_balance_health/armor_limit in GivePlayerStuff.
2017-08-26 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/invasion_types
2017-08-25 Martin TaibrMerge branch 'master' into martin-t/okc
2017-08-25 Martin TaibrMerge branch 'master' into martin-t/okc
2017-08-25 Martin Taibrdocument item respawntime scaling
2017-08-25 MarioMerge branch 'martin-t/gunalign' into 'master'
2017-08-25 MarioMerge branch 'martin-t/insta' into 'master'
2017-08-24 Martin Taibrmake it easier to imagine
2017-08-16 LybertaMerge branch 'master' into Lyberta/GivePlayerAmmo
2017-08-13 MarioMerge branch 'martin-t/angles' into 'master'
2017-08-10 Martin TaibrMerge branch 'master' into martin-t/okc
2017-08-09 MarioMerge branch 'Mario/cs_clientcvars' into 'master'
2017-08-07 Martin TaibrMerge branch 'master' into martin-t/okc
2017-08-06 Martin TaibrMerge branch 'martin-t/defaults' into martin-t/okc
2017-08-06 Martin TaibrMerge branch 'master' into martin-t/defaults
2017-08-05 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/cs_clientcvars
2017-08-05 LybertaMerged master.
2017-08-05 TimePathLint
2017-08-04 MarioSome optimizations to client side items and spawn points
2017-07-30 LybertaMerged master
2017-07-28 MarioMerge branch 'Mario/addtolist_cleanup' into 'master'
2017-07-22 Martin Taibrscale item respawntime according to number of players
2017-07-19 TimePathMerge branch 'martin-t/units' into 'master'
2017-07-18 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/cs_clientcvars
2017-07-17 MarioPort most client networked cvars to ClientState
2017-07-16 MarioMerge branch 'TimePath/botammo_div0' into 'master'
2017-07-16 TimePathSuppress a division by zero warning when bots evaluate... 456/head
2017-07-05 LybertaMerge branch 'master' into Lyberta/TeamplayFixes_
2017-07-03 Martin TaibrMerge branch 'master' into martin-t/dmgtext2
2017-07-01 terencehillMerge branch 'terencehill/eraseable_functions'
2017-06-29 terencehillReplace some sprintfs with simpler strcats
2017-06-25 MarioDon't render items at all if their alpha is <= 0
2017-06-03 LybertaMerge branch 'master' into Lyberta/TeamplayFixes_
2017-05-27 Martin TaibrMerge branch 'master' into martin-t/dmgtext2
2017-05-27 terencehillRemove outdated g_waypointsprite_tactical cvar; fix...
2017-05-16 MarioMerge branch 'Mario/cts_respawn_clear' into 'master'
2017-04-28 LybertaFixed GivePlayerAmmo.
2017-04-13 LybertaChanged GivePlayerAmmo.
2017-04-12 LybertaAdded GivePlayerHealth and GivePlayerArmor.
2017-04-12 LybertaAdded GivePlayerAmmo functions.
2017-04-07 MarioMerge branch 'Lyberta/PlayerDied' into 'master'
2017-04-07 MarioMerge branch 'Lyberta/DebugPrintToChat' into 'master'
2017-04-07 MarioMerge branch 'amade/small-fixes' into 'master'
2017-04-04 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/cts_respawn_clear
2017-03-24 MarioMerge branch 'Mario/mutator_array_fix'
2017-03-17 LybertaMerge branch 'master' into Lyberta/TeamplayFixes_
2017-03-13 Martin TaibrMerge branch 'master' into martin-t/overkill
2017-03-13 MarioAdd an option to always show item re-spawn waypoints...
2017-03-12 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/race_target_waypoint
2017-03-12 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/killsound
2017-03-10 MarioMerge branch 'Mario/itemstime_editor_fix' into 'master'
2017-03-10 MarioMerge branch 'martin-t/spec' into 'master'
2017-03-07 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/mutator_array_fix
2017-03-04 MarioUpdate item's timer if its re-spawn time is quicker...
2017-03-04 MarioGive item respawn maths some bounds
2017-03-04 MarioUpdate the state of the randomly chosen entity in teame...
2017-02-27 terencehillMerge branch 'martin-t/damagetext' into 'master'
2017-02-27 MarioDon't force the switching if the weapon is the same...
2017-02-22 Amadeusz Sławińskireduce variable scope
2017-02-22 Amadeusz Sławińskimore if simplification
2017-02-22 Amadeusz Sławińskiconsolidate ifs in ammo spawn funcs
2017-02-22 Amadeusz Sławińskidouble ifs to single ifs
2017-02-22 Amadeusz Sławińskito if or not to if that is a question
2017-02-22 Amadeusz Sławińskifix confusing indentation
2017-02-22 Amadeusz Sławińskidouble ifs to one
2017-02-19 Martin TaibrMerge branch 'master' into martin-t/damagetext
2017-02-18 MarioLoop through items intrusive list instead of cycling...
2017-02-18 MarioMerge branch 'Mario/bd_tweak' into 'master'
2017-02-18 MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/bot_AI_improvements' into...
2017-02-17 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/bot_AI_improvements 409/head
2017-02-14 MarioAdd an item init attribute function, so the item's...
2017-02-13 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/bot_AI_improvements