Merge branch 'master' into Mario/hagar_notfixed
[xonotic/xonotic-data.pk3dir.git] / qcsrc / common /
2016-03-24 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/hagar_notfixed
2016-03-24 MarioHack to fix crouch prediction and hook/melee/frozen
2016-03-24 MarioColorize vehicle's crosshair (optional, cl_vehicles_cro...
2016-03-24 TimePathSuppress warning in overkill+lms
2016-03-24 TimePathSimplify
2016-03-23 TimePathMerge branch 'terencehill/warmup_limit' into 'master'
2016-03-23 MarioClean up vehicle physics plugin a bit
2016-03-23 terencehillAdd a stat for warmup limit so the hud timer can show...
2016-03-23 TimePathProvisions for unit testing
2016-03-23 TimePathTransmute player entities
2016-03-22 MarioPurge self from bot roles
2016-03-22 MarioAnother load of self cases fixed
2016-03-22 TimePathDoxygen: improve
2016-03-22 MarioRid more bot files of self
2016-03-22 MarioCleanse some uses of self in the bot code
2016-03-22 TimePathUse macros for labels
2016-03-22 TimePathRemove unused SELFPARAM()
2016-03-22 TimePathAdd missing SELFPARAM()
2016-03-22 MarioCleanse anticheat of self
2016-03-22 TimePathPropagate sound references
2016-03-22 TimePathType check class methods
2016-03-22 TimePathClient: Type check
2016-03-22 TimePathType check macros
2016-03-22 TimePathRegistry: remove per-item post-initialization
2016-03-22 MarioHopefully fix compilation unit
2016-03-21 MarioGet ID on the client side for func_pointparticles ...
2016-03-21 MarioLink some positional entities (fixes prediction of...
2016-03-18 MarioBring back some old hacks to allow taunting while spect...
2016-03-15 TimePathIncrease net_connecttimeout a bit to help with connecti...
2016-03-15 TimePathFix NOTIF_ALL notifications
2016-03-15 TimePathCheck viewmodel alignment more frequently
2016-03-15 TimePathserver: pass compilation units test
2016-03-15 TimePathclient: pass compilation units test
2016-03-15 TimePathmenu: #undef IMPLEMENTATION
2016-03-14 TimePathMove scripts to qcsrc/tools
2016-03-14 TimePathMigrate relative includes in headers to #include <>
2016-03-14 TimePathAntilag: fix vehicles and monsters
2016-03-14 TimePathvehicles: remove old out of sync configs
2016-03-14 TimePathdamagetext: migrate legacy formatting
2016-03-13 MarioDon't use nade team (breaks modes where friendly fire...
2016-03-13 MarioAlways precache trigger_multiple sound (reduces spam...
2016-03-13 MarioGreatly reduce amount of hidden spam when changing...
2016-03-13 TimePathDamagetext: simplify format specifier
2016-03-13 TimePathSuppress null model warning
2016-03-13 TimePathRemove uses of LAMBDA(), not handled well by uncrustify
2016-03-13 TimePathantilag: use ClientState
2016-03-13 TimePathcl_multijump: default to opt-in
2016-03-13 TimePathViewmodel: fix switching when spectating
2016-03-13 TimePathCA: cleanup; fix being moved to spectators
2016-03-13 TimePathdebug: generic find command
2016-03-12 MarioRevert tweak to touch function (has the possibility...
2016-03-12 MarioTweak touch handling of physics a little
2016-03-12 TimePath_Movetype_UnstickEntity: micro-optimize
2016-03-12 TimePath_Movetype_UnstickEntity: optimize
2016-03-12 TimePaths/make_pure/new_pure/
2016-03-12 TimePathW_PROP_reloader: pure
2016-03-12 MarioIncrease the weapon cvar update interval to 5 seconds...
2016-03-12 MarioMerge branch 'Mario/impulse_broken'
2016-03-12 MarioApply a hack to fix being unable to switch weapons...
2016-03-12 MarioBroken attempt to bring back switching weapons while...
2016-03-12 MarioPush the location further to the side when setting...
2016-03-12 MarioDisable spawning near teammates if a team has only...
2016-03-12 MarioDon't spawn behind the player in spawn near teammates...
2016-03-11 MarioMake nade teams more reliable, also fix effects broken...
2016-03-10 TimePathRenumber item flags
2016-03-10 TimePathMerge branch 'TimePath/notifications' into 'master'
2016-03-10 TimePathMerge branch 'master' into TimePath/notifications 292/head
2016-03-10 TimePathMove more entities away from world origin
2016-03-10 TimePathSuppress mutator blocked weapon warnings
2016-03-10 TimePathMove client setup to ClientState_attach
2016-03-10 MarioApply a hack to fix old Quake 3 map teleporters (may...
2016-03-09 TimePathReplace uses of GetCvars with simpler REPLICATE
2016-03-09 TimePathFix indentation
2016-03-09 TimePathUse PHYS_INPUT_BUTTON_*
2016-03-09 MarioDon't use a countdown if the powerup is set to respawn...
2016-03-09 MarioAdd a new key to override the initial item respawn...
2016-03-09 MarioFix visible teleporters (was a side effect of disabling...
2016-03-08 MarioUse macros for the vector reading functions
2016-03-06 MarioFix unecessary setting of self in sandbox
2016-03-06 TimePathNotifications: relocate
2016-03-06 TimePathResolve some TODOs
2016-03-06 TimePathNotifications: strong typing
2016-03-05 MarioRemove a few old TODOs that now have issues
2016-03-05 TimePathNotifications: strong typing
2016-03-05 TimePathMark pure entities
2016-03-05 TimePathNotifications: don't register twice
2016-03-05 TimePathNotifications: register
2016-03-05 MarioRound up the health/armor values before sending them
2016-03-04 MarioApply a temporary hack to fix prediction of jet pack...
2016-03-03 TimePathNotifications: cleanup
2016-03-02 TimePathNotifications: strong references
2016-03-02 TimePathNotifications: strong typing
2016-03-02 TimePathNotifications: split
2016-03-01 TimePathNotifications: cleanup
2016-03-01 MarioRemove shockwave weapon from the new toys mutator
2016-02-29 MarioAdd an option to change the opacity of the grappling...
2016-02-29 MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/jetpack_centerprint' into...
2016-02-29 terencehillShow a centerprint message when you get the jetpack... 289/head
2016-02-28 MarioDisable prediction of teleporters