Listbox / Picker: Implement item fading in a different way so that it gets influenced...
[xonotic/xonotic-data.pk3dir.git] / qcsrc / menu / item /
2015-05-03 terencehillListbox / Picker: Implement item fading in a different...
2015-04-27 terencehillBetter names for 3 fields
2015-04-26 terencehillListbox: highlight item under the cursor
2015-04-25 MarioFix some more floats in arrays
2015-04-24 MarioFix a few more floats, add the long awaited stob macro
2015-04-05 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/unlimited_ammo_fixes
2015-03-06 Matthias Kr├╝gerMerge branch 'master' into matthiaskrgr/hudsetup
2015-02-15 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/weapon_panel_retry
2015-02-14 MarioMerge branch 'master' into sev/weapon_panel_retry
2015-02-09 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/divVerent/crypto...
2015-02-08 MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/menu_fix' into 'master'
2015-02-05 terencehillRevert 855007679 as it caused bug #1453 "Advanced setti...
2015-02-03 MarioMerge branch 'Mirio/credits' into 'master'
2015-02-03 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/string_prefixes_...
2015-02-02 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/weapon_panel_fix
2015-02-02 MarioMerge branch 'Mario/qc_updates' into 'master'
2015-02-02 TimePathMerge branch 'master' into Mario/qc_updates
2015-02-01 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/weapon_panel_fix
2015-02-01 MarioMerge branch 'Melanosuchus/preconnect' into 'master'
2015-02-01 MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/menu_optimizations' into...
2015-01-30 MarioMerge branch 'sev/luma_supplement' into 'master'
2015-01-30 MarioMerge branch 'sev/luma' into 'master'
2015-01-30 Mattia BasagliaMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2015-01-30 TimePathRemove for-loop workaround
2015-01-29 TimePathReplace more `vector_[xyz]` with `vector.[xyz]`
2015-01-25 TimePathUnify boolean constants
2015-01-25 TimePathReplace `vector_[xyz]` with `vector.[xyz]` where possible
2015-01-25 TimePathWork around a gmqcc bug
2015-01-25 TimePathRename menu files to be consistent
2015-01-24 MarioTurn #define'd constants into actual constants
2015-01-24 MarioMerge branch 'sev/menu_sounds_reimplementation' into...
2015-01-24 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/menu_optimizations
2015-01-23 Severin MeyerPlay OPEN/CLOSE sound when opening/closing dialog
2015-01-23 Severin MeyerPlay CLEAR sound when using inputbox clearbutton, also...
2015-01-23 Severin MeyerPlay SLIDE sound when using slider or colorpicker
2015-01-23 Severin MeyerPlay SELECT sound when using checkbox or its subtypes
2015-01-23 Severin MeyerRevise button sound
2015-01-23 Severin MeyerRevise focus sound, use a time guard to prevent "Geiger...
2015-01-23 MarioMerge branch 'sev/hud_weapon_panel' into 'master'
2015-01-23 MarioMerge branch 'sev/menu_play_char' into 'master'
2015-01-23 MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/cvar_updates' into 'master'
2015-01-23 MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/ready_restart_tweaks' into...
2015-01-23 MarioMerge branch 'sev/menu_listbox_doubleclick'
2015-01-22 Severin MeyerMove double click detection from listbox subtypes to...
2015-01-11 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/mrbougo/clonefixes'
2015-01-02 Severin MeyerMerge branch 'master' into sev/luma
2014-12-31 terencehillOptimize ModalController_draw code once more
2014-12-31 terencehillFurther optimize ModalController_draw code
2014-12-31 terencehillOptimize ModalController_draw code
2014-12-20 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/notifications
2014-12-17 TimePathMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/music_player
2014-12-16 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/overkill
2014-12-16 MarioMerge branch 'sev/menu_image_fix' into 'master'
2014-12-15 Severin MeyerPrevent calls to draw_PictureSize with an empty source...
2014-12-15 TimePathMerge branch 'master' into TimePath/issue-1170
2014-12-14 MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/start_ammo' into 'master'
2014-12-14 MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/eventchase' into 'master'
2014-12-14 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/eventchase
2014-12-14 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/start_ammo
2014-12-14 MarioMerge branch 'sev/small_fixes' into 'master'
2014-12-14 Severin MeyerMove the slider UP when using mousewheelup or the PgUp...
2014-12-14 Severin MeyerIncrease the minimal height of the scrollbar thumb...
2014-12-14 MarioMerge branch 'TimePath/combined_updates' into 'master'
2014-12-14 TimePathMerge branch 'master' into TimePath/combined_updates
2014-12-14 TimePathMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into TimeP...
2014-12-14 TimePathMerge branch 'master' into TimePath/combined_updates
2014-12-14 nyovMerge branch 'master' into samual/combined_updates
2014-12-13 MarioMerge branch 'master' into mirceakitsune/player_cubemaps
2014-12-13 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/overkill
2014-12-13 MarioMerge branch 'Mario/ctf_leadlimit' into 'master'
2014-12-13 MarioMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/insta_notifications
2014-12-13 MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/centerprint_panel_fix' into...
2014-12-13 MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/misc_cleanups' into 'master'
2014-12-13 MarioFix some silly translated strings
2014-12-13 Mario(Untested) Merge branch 'master' into Mario/overkill
2014-12-05 terencehillRemove duplicated stuff
2014-12-05 terencehillRemove old/unused stuff
2014-12-05 MarioMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/ca_fixes_and_more
2014-11-26 nyovMerge branch 'nyov/samual/combined_updates' into nyov...
2014-11-25 nyovMerge branch 'master' into samual/combined_updates
2014-11-22 MarioMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/verbose_notifica...
2014-11-18 MarioMerge branch 'master' into sev/luma
2014-11-17 MarioMerge branch 'master' into samual/combined_updates
2014-11-15 MarioMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sev/menu_maplist_c...
2014-11-15 MarioMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sev/menu_focus_fix'
2014-11-14 Severin MeyerEnable the Container class to save and restore the...
2014-11-13 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/domination_roundbased
2014-11-13 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/nade_updates
2014-11-13 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/race_cts_mutators
2014-11-13 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/mutators2
2014-11-06 MarioMerge branch 'samual/weapons' into Mario/weapons
2014-11-04 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/buffs
2014-11-04 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/gametype_votes
2014-10-19 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/ca_fixes
2014-09-25 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' into samual/weapons
2014-09-18 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/Mario/ignore_files'
2014-09-15 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sev/menu_text_colors'
2014-09-12 Severin MeyerMake the main text color editable in menu skins
2014-03-09 Samual LenksMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into samua...
2014-02-26 Samual LenksMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into samua...