Declare more ints as ints
[xonotic/xonotic-data.pk3dir.git] / qcsrc / server /
2015-01-26 TimePathClean up macros
2015-01-26 TimePathRemove redundant uses of `var`
2015-01-26 TimePathDeclare more ints as ints
2015-01-25 TimePathUnify boolean constants
2015-01-25 TimePathReplace `vector_[xyz]` with `vector.[xyz]` where possible
2015-01-25 TimePathWork around a gmqcc bug
2015-01-25 TimePathRemove some `#ifdef GMQCC` conditionals
2015-01-25 TimePathKill uses of `local` and `noref`
2015-01-25 TimePathDeclare more ints as ints
2015-01-25 TimePathDeclare more ints as ints
2015-01-24 MarioBegin fixing the monster (only 700 more lines to go...
2015-01-24 MarioFix some more things
2015-01-24 TimePathMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/Mario/qc_updates...
2015-01-24 TimePathDeclare ints as ints
2015-01-24 MarioFigured out why it crashed, time to fix the other leaks
2015-01-24 MarioTurn #define'd constants into actual constants
2015-01-23 MarioMove TRUE and FALSE definitions to util-pre.qh and...
2015-01-23 MarioMerge branch 'sev/hud_weapon_panel' into 'master'
2015-01-23 MarioMerge branch 'sev/menu_play_char' into 'master'
2015-01-23 MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/cvar_updates' into 'master'
2015-01-23 MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/ready_restart_tweaks' into...
2015-01-22 MarioMerge branch 'master' into sev/hud_kh
2015-01-21 terencehillBlock players while the countdown to game start is...
2015-01-20 MarioFix a couple of minor things that have been bugging...
2015-01-18 MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/music_player' into 'master'
2015-01-11 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'terencehill/teams_override_cvars' into...
2015-01-11 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'sev/luma_supplement' into 'master'
2015-01-11 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'sev/scoreboard_skin' into 'master'
2015-01-11 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'terencehill/eliminatedplayer_fix' into...
2015-01-11 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'terencehill/keybinds.txt.it_update' into...
2015-01-11 Rudolf PolzerGib clones when they die, as I have no good way of...
2015-01-11 Rudolf PolzerAdjust newlines a bit to make the code more readable.
2015-01-11 Rudolf PolzerKill god mode support for clones/corpses.
2015-01-11 Rudolf PolzerRename anindecide_init to animdecide_load_if_needed...
2015-01-11 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/mrbougo/clonefixes'
2015-01-10 Rudolf PolzerOops, clear useless flags at the end for consistency.
2015-01-10 Rudolf PolzerAdd missing flag.
2015-01-10 Rudolf PolzerFix detection of useless waypoints.
2015-01-10 Rudolf PolzerFix initialization of Race and CTS game modes.
2015-01-09 Rudolf PolzerMinor autowaypointer fixes.
2015-01-07 terencehillFix "spectating a frozen player also darkens the specta...
2014-12-30 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/music_player
2014-12-30 MarioFix blaster in NIX
2014-12-29 Rudolf PolzerBetter handle empty player name by showing "Player...
2014-12-29 MarioMerge branch 'TimePath/issues/1438,1439' into 'master'
2014-12-29 TimePathCheck for jetpack activation, fixes #1438
2014-12-27 MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/team_slider_fix' into 'master'
2014-12-27 MarioMerge branch 'TimePath/refactor/mod_operator' into...
2014-12-25 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'sev/menu_charmap' into 'master'
2014-12-25 TimePathReplace usages of mod() with the operator %
2014-12-25 MarioMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/music_player
2014-12-25 MarioFix a couple of hanging semicolons
2014-12-25 MarioMerge branch 'TimePath/issues/1434' into 'master'
2014-12-25 TimePathFix #1434
2014-12-25 MarioMerge branch 'TimePath/issues/1428' into 'master'
2014-12-24 MarioMerge branch 'TimePath/features/jetpack_jump' into...
2014-12-24 TimePathMerge branch 'master' into TimePath/features/jetpack_jump
2014-12-21 TimePathAdd another jetpack mode
2014-12-20 TimePathMerge branch 'master' into TimePath/issues/1428
2014-12-20 TimePathImprove reliability by using total damage
2014-12-20 TimePathMerge branch 'master' into TimePath/features/jetpack_jump
2014-12-20 TimePathTrack hit time so that constant damage makes a noise
2014-12-20 MarioMerge branch 'Mario/notifications' into 'master'
2014-12-20 MarioFix some minor problems
2014-12-20 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/notifications
2014-12-19 MarioRemove unused stats file (was recently moved to common...
2014-12-19 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/arc_sounds
2014-12-18 MarioApply even less force (seems instagib has heavy modifiers)
2014-12-18 MarioApply a difference force modifier on vaporizer secondary
2014-12-18 MarioFix some bugs with nades, allow lasering a nade around
2014-12-18 MarioAdd a hack to explode nades when they touch the void...
2014-12-18 MarioMerge branch 'TimePath/issues/1421' into 'master'
2014-12-18 TimePathAdd a cvar to disable jetpack jump
2014-12-18 TimePathGive jetpack a button
2014-12-18 TimePathFix jetpack running out of fuel
2014-12-17 MarioMerge branch 'Mario/overkill' into 'master'
2014-12-17 MarioWR_INIT no longer needs to be called from mutator
2014-12-17 MarioRemove some unused stuff
2014-12-17 TimePathRemove jetpack from input menu, jetpack/hook conflict...
2014-12-17 TimePathChange jetpack to activate when pressing jump in the air
2014-12-17 TimePathMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/music_player
2014-12-16 MarioAttempt to fix nade damage
2014-12-16 MarioMake it work
2014-12-16 MarioActually use ok_lastwep
2014-12-16 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/overkill
2014-12-15 TimePathMerge branch 'master' into TimePath/issue-1170
2014-12-15 MarioMerge branch 'sev/menu_headers' into 'master'
2014-12-15 MarioFix accuracy
2014-12-15 MarioDon't give accuracy for shooting frozen players
2014-12-14 MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/start_ammo' into 'master'
2014-12-14 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/eventchase
2014-12-14 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/start_ammo
2014-12-14 terencehillFix typo
2014-12-14 terencehillFix missing initialization of warmup_start_ammo_plasma...
2014-12-14 terencehillCorrectly initialize start ammo in instagib
2014-12-14 MarioMerge branch 'TimePath/combined_updates' into 'master'
2014-12-14 TimePathMerge branch 'master' into TimePath/combined_updates
2014-12-14 TimePathMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into TimeP...
2014-12-14 TimePathMerge branch 'master' into TimePath/combined_updates
2014-12-14 nyovMerge branch 'master' into samual/combined_updates