2010-03-19 Rudolf Polzerturn NIX into a mutator; fix keyhunt
2010-03-19 Rudolf Polzerfix typo in the keyhunt-as-mutator code
2010-03-19 Rudolf Polzerminor mutator system fix
2010-03-19 Rudolf Polzerfix lots of keyhunt problems in the mutator system
2010-03-19 Rudolf Polzerstart of a generic mutator system
2010-03-18 mand1ngaAdded files I forgot on previous commit
2010-03-18 mand1ngaMerge branch 'master' of ssh://xonotic@git.xonotic...
2010-03-18 mand1ngaTemporary update of the menu
2010-03-18 mand1ngaFarewell havoc mode! :>
2010-03-18 Rudolf Polzerget rid of models/mapobjects (needs to be in maps/)
2010-03-18 Rudolf Polzermove scripts and env into the maps repo, as they really...
2010-03-18 Rudolf Polzerrebrand nexuiz -> xonotic, will fix possible mess later
2010-03-18 xonoticinitial checkin from nexuiz svn r8756 initial