2016-08-29 terencehillInclude hmg and rpc in the weapon priority lists
2016-08-28 terencehillMake use of update_mousepos() in the mapvote code too
2016-08-28 terencehillAdd update_mousepos()
2016-08-28 terencehillAdd quickmenu entry to the keybinder
2016-08-28 terencehillFix mouse handling of quickmenu and radar
2016-08-28 terencehillMove around some more entries in the keybinder
2016-08-28 terencehill"drop weapon" --> "drop weapon / throw nade"
2016-08-28 MarioFix potential for crashing in freezetag
2016-08-28 terencehillRemove silly checks of WEP_TYPE_OTHER that always retur...
2016-08-28 TimePathentcs: fix name changing
2016-08-28 TimePathentcs: use SAME_TEAM
2016-08-28 TimePathentcs: accept updates before game_starttime
2016-08-28 TimePathentcs: upgrade to linked entity, don't throw away
2016-08-28 TimePathentcs: don't send sv_entnum twice
2016-08-28 MarioPartial fix for keyhunt
2016-08-28 TimePathFix `settemp_for_type all`
2016-08-27 TimePathMonsters: fix compilation units
2016-08-27 TimePathMonsters: #undef IMPLEMENTATION
2016-08-27 TimePathMerge branch 'Mario/intrusive' into 'master'
2016-08-27 TimePathUpdate gameplay hash again
2016-08-27 TimePathUpdate gameplay hash
2016-08-26 terencehillMake use of hud_fontsize in the accuracy panel too...
2016-08-26 terencehillFix condition for splitting accuracy panel row in 2...
2016-08-25 terencehillRemove a never used score field
2016-08-25 terencehillSimplify some code
2016-08-25 terencehillReload hud_fontsize and fix scoreboard layout as soon...
2016-08-24 terencehillInfer teamplay from gametype instead of checking server...
2016-08-24 MarioRemove an unused function and macro
2016-08-24 MarioClean up movetype setting, fixes .move_qcphysics
2016-08-24 MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/hud_updates' into 'master'
2016-08-23 terencehillserverflags & SERVERFLAG_TEAMPLAY --> teamplay
2016-08-23 terencehillScoreboard columns: remove not working "k/d" keyword...
2016-08-23 terencehillDisplay "damage" as column header instead of "dmg"...
2016-08-23 terencehillSP_DMG field title is dmg, not damage
2016-08-23 MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/hud_start_fix' into 'master'
2016-08-22 terencehillDon't draw scoreboard and HUD until gametype and scores... 362/head
2016-08-22 MarioFix grammar
2016-08-22 MarioFix CopyBody description
2016-08-22 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/hud_updates 353/head
2016-08-22 MarioHopefully fix gameplay change 361/head
2016-08-22 MarioRemove player from conveyor list when respawning
2016-08-22 MarioAdd a couple of skipped bot_attack cases
2016-08-22 MarioRevert cleanup of havocbot_chooseenemy (gameplay change...
2016-08-22 MarioAdd a second list for bot dodge entities
2016-08-22 MarioClear out another find() loop
2016-08-22 MarioSome more intrusiveness
2016-08-22 MarioConvey more intrusive lists
2016-08-22 MarioIntrusify sandbox objects and remove some dead code
2016-08-22 MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/spectatee_status_update'...
2016-08-22 MarioIntrusify bot targets
2016-08-22 MarioClear out another expensive FOREACH_ENTITY_FLOAT
2016-08-22 MarioMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/spectatee_status... 354/head
2016-08-21 MarioKill a couple of FOREACH_ENTITY_ENT cases
2016-08-21 MarioAdd another intrusive list and hopefully fix compilatio...
2016-08-21 MarioFix compile
2016-08-21 MarioIntrusify players
2016-08-21 MarioIntrusify spawnpoints
2016-08-21 MarioAdd an intrusive list for saved cvars
2016-08-21 MarioUse the existing list for turrets
2016-08-21 MarioIntrusify notifications
2016-08-21 MarioSome more intrusive lists
2016-08-21 MarioIntrusify more stuff
2016-08-21 MarioIntrusify onslaught shields
2016-08-21 MarioKill a few FOREACH_ENTITY_CLASS cases
2016-08-21 MarioAdd intrusive lists for some client side stuff
2016-08-21 MarioAdd a list for domination control points
2016-08-21 MarioKill another FOREACH_ENTITY_ENT
2016-08-21 MarioPurge a few cases of FOREACH_ENTITY_ENT
2016-08-21 MarioFix being able to kill your own ghost
2016-08-21 TimePathChange mod loading to take an absolute path
2016-08-21 MarioIntrusify uncustomizables
2016-08-21 MarioMore intrusiveness
2016-08-21 TimePathprogs.inc: use absolute includes
2016-08-21 TimePathDoxygen: #define XONOTIC
2016-08-21 MarioItemsTime: only loop through items, not every single...
2016-08-21 MarioAdd an intrusive list for items
2016-08-21 TimePathIL_DELETE: remove unused parameter
2016-08-21 TimePathMerge branch 'Mario/entcs' into 'master'
2016-08-21 MarioMinor cleanup 360/head
2016-08-21 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/entcs
2016-08-21 MarioMerge branch 'master' into Mario/entcs
2016-08-21 TimePathMerge branch 'TimePath/modules'
2016-08-21 TimePathDon't #include server files from CSQC 358/head
2016-08-21 MarioAdd attacker parameter to PlayHitsound
2016-08-21 TimePathFix undefined PROGNAME in *_includes.txt
2016-08-21 MarioAllow only showing a waypoint on the radar
2016-08-21 TimePathEnsure headers are always #included
2016-08-21 TimePathUpdate compiler scripts for GAMEQC
2016-08-21 TimePathMonsters, turrets, vehicles: move definitions to headers
2016-08-21 TimePaths/#ifndef MENUQC/#ifdef GAMEQC/g
2016-08-21 TimePathMerge branch 'master' into TimePath/modules
2016-08-21 TimePathRemove _all indirection
2016-08-21 MarioFix compilation test unit
2016-08-21 MarioSend .frags via entcs
2016-08-21 MarioRedefine setcolor
2016-08-21 MarioUse entcs to handle client colors (improves FPS by...
2016-08-21 MarioAdd a mutator hook for CopyBody
2016-08-21 MarioRemove references to missing functions
2016-08-20 MarioProduce a stern warning instead of crashing if only...
2016-08-20 MarioSome minor cleanup to unused functions