2012-01-26 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/clear_button
2012-01-26 terencehillFix images directory for wickedx, it was default/ 1...
2012-01-26 Rudolf Polzeralso call updateCompression on menu init, may fix probl...
2012-01-26 Rudolf Polzerfix the TDempty call
2012-01-26 Rudolf Polzermore french
2012-01-26 Rudolf Polzertranslation updates for German by Sless
2012-01-26 Rudolf Polzerchange cc address
2012-01-26 Rudolf PolzerCalinou translated this
2012-01-26 Rudolf Polzerfrench fixes
2012-01-26 Rudolf Polzerfrench csprogs translation
2012-01-26 Rudolf Polzeradd back a missing indent
2012-01-26 Rudolf Polzerfix two wrong sized items
2012-01-26 Rudolf Polzerfix size of player model selector
2012-01-26 Rudolf Polzershowboxes fixes
2012-01-26 Rudolf Polzershow boxes around inputbox too
2012-01-26 Rudolf Polzerfix listboxes with showboxes
2012-01-26 Rudolf Polzerupdate german; menu_showboxes debug feature
2012-01-26 Rudolf Polzerno idea why this was missing, but: update the .pot...
2012-01-25 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into samua...
2012-01-25 Rudolf Polzerfix some g_ka_ cvars, they should be g_keepaway_
2012-01-25 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/clear_button
2012-01-25 Rudolf Polzerfix translated tooltips too
2012-01-25 Rudolf Polzerfix tooltip of cl_particles_quality
2012-01-24 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'samual/menu_updates' of git://de.git...
2012-01-24 Rudolf Polzermake use of DRAW_CACHEPIC_MIPMAP
2012-01-24 Rudolf Polzerresync dpdefs
2012-01-24 SamualMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into samual/menu_up...
2012-01-24 Rudolf Polzeredit the benchmark demo to remove the curl commands
2012-01-24 Rudolf Polzernew keyhunt demo by mepper
2012-01-23 Rudolf Polzerworkaround for nexball bugs :(
2012-01-23 Rudolf Polzerweapon-stay bugfixes
2012-01-22 Rudolf Polzerallow gl_picmip 3 as "Lowest"
2012-01-22 Rudolf Polzercasings: if they got removed by a touch function, abort...
2012-01-21 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' into samual/menu_updates
2012-01-21 Rudolf Polzercvar color picker:
2012-01-21 Rudolf Polzerwe no longer need to turn off "c" and "cs" :)
2012-01-21 Rudolf Polzererror for another bad fteqcc bug
2012-01-21 Rudolf Polzerfix bad use of "" vs string_null
2012-01-21 Rudolf Polzerfix scroll vs drag detection in the weapons list
2012-01-20 Rudolf Polzercompile fix
2012-01-20 Rudolf Polzerfireball: don't use ammo any more
2012-01-20 Rudolf Polzerflip pitch. Don't ask.
2012-01-20 Rudolf Polzerimplement target support
2012-01-20 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of git://de.git.xonotic.org/xonot...
2012-01-20 Rudolf Polzerg_max_info_autoscreenshot
2012-01-20 SamualAdd defaults for older client support
2012-01-20 SamualAdd back cl_forcemyplayermodel, but again hidden normally
2012-01-20 Samualtweak crosshair defaults
2012-01-20 SamualMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into samual/menu_up...
2012-01-20 SamualMerge remote branch 'origin/mirceakitsune/damage_effects'
2012-01-20 SamualMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into mirceakitsune...
2012-01-20 SamualMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into samual/menu_up...
2012-01-20 SamualRemove useless comments
2012-01-20 SamualReorganize serverinfo window and improve it slightly
2012-01-19 Rudolf Polzerjumppad: don't set jump anim on dead players. Fixes...
2012-01-19 SamualMake the xaw skin use the same rows/width for credits...
2012-01-19 SamualUpdate menu skin files to use new color options
2012-01-19 SamualMore ZCTX stuff
2012-01-19 SamualUse ZCTX(_("")) for the translated strings where "disab...
2012-01-19 SamualFix apply immediately in playersetup window
2012-01-19 Rudolf Polzerturn off EF_RED for superweapons, it's annoying
2012-01-19 Rudolf Polzerfix settemp alias
2012-01-19 Rudolf Polzereven more verbose on bot script timing errors
2012-01-19 Rudolf Polzerbe more detailed in complaints
2012-01-19 Rudolf Polzerdon't show porto preview beams when secondary exists
2012-01-19 SamualSome cleanups for gametype list and create tab
2012-01-19 SamualHere too
2012-01-19 SamualAnd adjust effects settings a bit
2012-01-19 SamualAdjust demos tab a bit
2012-01-19 SamualFinish making the HUD settings dialog
2012-01-19 SamualTweak the view settings dialog to look a little better
2012-01-19 SamualFinish model dialog
2012-01-19 SamualWorking on model dialog
2012-01-19 Rudolf Polzerclear superweapons_finished once lost
2012-01-19 Rudolf Polzerfix superweapons detection better
2012-01-19 Rudolf Polzerenable portal gun mode in default balance
2012-01-19 Rudolf Polzerporto: turn into superweapon with timer; add cvar g_bal...
2012-01-19 SamualBetter phrasing
2012-01-19 SamualAdd "mutewhenidle" selection in audio tab, move tooltip...
2012-01-19 SamualAdd cl_netlocalping for misc settings
2012-01-18 SamualWork on misc tab more now
2012-01-18 SamualRemove HDR description from bloom in effects tab
2012-01-18 SamualMake the cvarlist dialog entirely use a primary skincol...
2012-01-18 SamualWhoops, fix crosshair_enabled in crosshairs.cfg
2012-01-18 SamualMore fixes
2012-01-18 SamualAdd r_glsl_offsetmapping_lod to the effects-.cfg files...
2012-01-18 SamualAlso execute the config in defaultXonotic.cfg :P
2012-01-18 SamualMove crosshair settings into its own config file
2012-01-18 SamualFinish creating crosshair settings dialog
2012-01-18 SamualMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into samual/menu_up...
2012-01-18 Samualquick updates for demolist (fixes demo playback when...
2012-01-18 SamualFix stupid spacing in demolist.c
2012-01-17 Jakob MGfix http://dev.xonotic.org/issues/947 even moar
2012-01-17 Jakob MGFix http://dev.xonotic.org/issues/947
2012-01-17 Rudolf Polzeradd cl_movement_errorcompensation to the menu
2012-01-17 Rudolf Polzerturn on prediction error compensation by default
2012-01-17 Rudolf Polzerchange threshold of prediction error compensation;...
2012-01-17 SamualNext comes font selection list...
2012-01-17 SamualWorking on user tab
2012-01-17 SamualMove some things around in the settings window