2016-01-06 TimePathCI: publish doxygen to github pages
2016-01-06 MarioMake sure smoke effects can't be spammed too much
2016-01-06 MarioRemove the CSQC model hook macros (we use a parameter...
2016-01-06 MarioPurge self from PlayerDies
2016-01-06 MarioFix odd angles on respawn (hopefully)
2016-01-06 TimePathCI: remove build artifacts
2016-01-06 TimePathCI: disable pages publishing until gitlab allows pages...
2016-01-05 MarioMake item team setting use new loops
2016-01-05 TimePathCI: doxygen >/dev/null
2016-01-05 TimePathCI: artifact upload
2016-01-04 MarioFix crash
2016-01-04 MarioOops, fix vehicle entering
2016-01-04 MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/lms_itemtimes_fix' into ...
2016-01-04 MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/menu_fixes' into 'master'
2016-01-04 MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/menu_optimization' into ...
2016-01-04 TimePathTesting: improve macros
2016-01-04 MarioCheck for IS_CLIENT (we don't need to be sure this...
2016-01-04 MarioMinor maths improvements
2016-01-04 TimePathTEST: improve macro
2016-01-04 TimePathgitlab-ci: fail if any test fails
2016-01-04 MarioFix prediction of SOLID_NOT on triggers (also fixes...
2016-01-04 MarioSimplify maths for most vlen cases
2016-01-04 TimePathgitlab-ci: run unit tests
2016-01-04 TimePathSelf: purge
2016-01-04 TimePathAdd .gitlab-ci.yml
2016-01-03 MarioRemove self (we have the technology)
2016-01-03 MarioDon't remove self (probable cause of an annoying crash)
2016-01-03 MarioHopefully fix a potential crash
2016-01-03 MarioUndo last commit (causes a segmentation fault)
2016-01-03 MarioFix the only remaining cases of self in CSQC model lib
2016-01-03 MarioBring back LAMBDA incase it actually does something...
2016-01-03 MarioFix use of self in .draw
2016-01-03 MarioDon't depend on self for draw2d
2016-01-03 MarioFix even more cases of self
2016-01-03 MarioAdd a hack to fix the use of self in .predraw functions
2016-01-03 MarioMake sure it can't be null
2016-01-03 MarioUse the CSQC player for checking viewloc (possibly...
2016-01-03 MarioRename some comments to be less annoying
2016-01-03 MarioClean some more self uses
2016-01-03 MarioPurge most cases of self from the client folder
2016-01-03 MarioFix self usage in midair mutator's PlayerDamage hook
2016-01-03 MarioPurge self from event_damage
2016-01-03 MarioGib monsters at -50 health, so they can be gibbed when...
2016-01-03 MarioPurge self from most of the monster code
2016-01-03 TimePathTurrets: propagate self
2016-01-03 TimePathVehicles: propagate self
2016-01-03 TimePathTest: fix TEST_Fail
2016-01-03 MarioKill some uses of self in the vehicle code
2016-01-02 MarioRemove a useless comment
2016-01-02 MarioKill get_vehicleinfo
2016-01-02 MarioMake view offset and view height attributes to vehicles
2016-01-02 MarioVehicles: always show smoke when low on health, even...
2016-01-02 MarioDon't override alpha to 1 if warpzones exist, fixes...
2016-01-02 TimePathqcc.sh: fix read-only `sed -i`
2016-01-01 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/lms_itemtimes_fix 266/head
2016-01-01 MarioTeleporter: support random teleportation sounds
2016-01-01 MarioFix compile
2016-01-01 MarioIf teleporter has .noise set, use that sound instead
2016-01-01 MarioUse IS_DEAD where possible, also fix vehicles targeting...
2016-01-01 MarioUse STAT(FROZEN, e) instead of e.frozen
2016-01-01 MarioRemove qcc.cfg (we no longer support FTEQCC)
2016-01-01 MarioMore loops
2016-01-01 MarioUse new loop to kill notifications
2016-01-01 MarioUse loop to kill hooks attached to nade
2016-01-01 MarioUse loop on race checkpoints
2016-01-01 MarioUse new loop for finding player's placed mines
2016-01-01 MarioIt should be safe to remove this safety check
2015-12-31 MarioDeprecate FOR_EACH_CLIENT and FOR_EACH_CLIENTSLOT
2015-12-31 MarioUse IS_DEAD everywhere
2015-12-31 MarioRename PHYS_DEAD to IS_DEAD and make it usable outside...
2015-12-31 MarioUse the constant string for player classname where...
2015-12-31 MarioClean up some player loops
2015-12-31 MarioRemove another useless debug function
2015-12-31 MarioRemove a now useless debug function
2015-12-31 MarioRemove a compile-time message
2015-12-31 TimePathMakefile: fix bad CPP
2015-12-31 TimePathMakefile: be very specific
2015-12-31 TimePathMakefile: factor out qcc
2015-12-31 TimePath##__VA_ARGS__: replace with standards compliant alternative
2015-12-31 MarioFix warning
2015-12-31 MarioStrip some handy lib functions out of turret util code
2015-12-30 MarioRevert change to client models (breaks on some maps)
2015-12-30 MarioMake all game models client models (may need to revert...
2015-12-30 TimePathUpdate more include paths to simplify log output
2015-12-30 TimePathAdd missing include guards
2015-12-30 TimePathMakefile: use `-I.`
2015-12-30 TimePath#pragma once
2015-12-30 TimePathLog: stringify __LINE__ at compile time
2015-12-30 TimePathftepp: remove
2015-12-29 TimePathIter: prevent invalidation
2015-12-29 MarioFix compile
2015-12-29 MarioPotentially fix a crash
2015-12-29 TimePathMakefile: depend on transitive #includes
2015-12-29 TimePathcpp compat
2015-12-29 TimePathWhitespace police
2015-12-29 TimePathMerge branch 'terencehill/server_aliases_fix' into...
2015-12-29 TimePathVector: vlen2 in terms of dotproduct
2015-12-29 MarioOptimize more maths
2015-12-28 Rudolf PolzerTransifex sync.
2015-12-28 Rudolf PolzerSync dpextensions.qc.