2019-04-23 terencehillRemove an useless setting
2019-04-22 terencehillAdd some safety checks
2019-04-22 terencehillRemove some wasted globals
2019-04-22 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2019-04-21 terencehillReplace utf8 character with its literal version in...
2019-04-21 terencehillDon't count spectators in the team size total
2019-04-21 terencehillMerge branch 'BuddyFriendGuy/reorganize_scoreboard...
2019-04-21 BuddyFriendGuyemphasize important game info in scoreboard
2019-04-21 terencehillImprove key binder code a little bit
2019-04-21 terencehillDisplay the hardcoded shortcut to open the console...
2019-04-20 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2019-04-18 MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/dumpturrets' into 'master'
2019-04-16 terencehillRemove direct reference to a team number
2019-04-16 terencehillRespawn turrets when match restarts in game types diffe...
2019-04-16 terencehillAdjust a debug message and a comment
2019-04-15 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2019-04-14 terencehillMerge branch 'terencehill/ForbidWeaponUse'
2019-04-14 terencehillSet the correct classname for every turret, e.g. "turre...
2019-04-14 terencehillDon't apply any time limit to superweapons if enabled...
2019-04-14 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2019-04-13 terencehillTurrets: read cvars and define associated fields using... 645/head
2019-04-12 terencehillRead g_turrets_unit_*_target_select_missilebias too
2019-04-12 terencehillRemove unused turret cvars g_turrets_unit_*_ammo (initi...
2019-04-12 terencehillAdd a macro to dump common turret settings
2019-04-11 terencehillReduce config_queue size, it was quite wasted given...
2019-04-11 terencehillFix array indices out of bounds; abort dump if a weapon...
2019-04-11 terencehillCompact 2 macros
2019-04-11 terencehillFix #2199 "sv_cmd dumpturrets doesn't work". The new...
2019-04-10 MarioFix compile with TURRET_DEBUG
2019-04-10 terencehillFix #2201 "ForbidWeaponUse mutator hook can leave the... 644/head
2019-04-09 terencehillMerge branch 'byteManiak/bindingsReset' into 'master'
2019-04-09 byteManiakFixed compilation units. 643/head
2019-04-09 Martin Taibrvscode gitignore
2019-04-08 terencehillWarn if there are too many parameters for a bot in...
2019-04-07 terencehillApply forced team to bots only in team games
2019-04-07 terencehillReduce player names longer than 30 chars (name_maxlengt...
2019-04-07 terencehillUpdate a link, mark eraseable some debug functions
2019-04-06 terencehillFix #254 "Latest Autobuild has weird stuttering when...
2019-04-05 terencehillUpdate hash
2019-04-05 terencehillMerge branch 'terencehill/name_tag_fix'
2019-04-05 terencehillFix #2195: "Clan Arena: own name tag displayed over... 629/head
2019-03-31 terencehillSmall optimization
2019-03-31 terencehillDisable scrolling of tabs in menu:Settings/Game (curren...
2019-03-31 MarioTemporary workaround for assault and race spawnpoints
2019-03-30 byteManiakRemoved useless #include.
2019-03-30 byteManiakHopefully this fixes test_compilation_units error.
2019-03-30 byteManiakKeep spelling consistent.
2019-03-30 byteManiakAdded dialog for keybindings reset.
2019-03-29 terencehillMerge branch 'byteManiak/misc' into 'master'
2019-03-29 byteManiakLMS loser / CTS nonsolid frags merging
2019-03-29 terencehillFix #2209 "Jetpack sound continues forever after death...
2019-03-26 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2019-03-20 terencehillRemove useless scoreboard_showaccuracy global
2019-03-20 terencehillRemove a useless sprintf and a space
2019-03-20 terencehillFix #2208 "Using custom bot teams completely breaks...
2019-03-20 terencehillSimplify bot_forced_team checks, set bot_forced_team...
2019-03-17 MarioMerge branch 'mirceakitsune/fix_damageeffects' into...
2019-03-17 MarioMerge branch 'mirceakitsune/button14' into 'master'
2019-03-17 MarioWhitelist max_health (used by trigger_heal)
2019-03-13 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2019-03-10 terencehillRestore old code in the hope it fixes #2205 for real...
2019-03-10 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2019-03-09 terencehillRestore initial _entcs_send calls with MSG_ONE as they...
2019-03-09 terencehillRename a variable
2019-03-09 Mircea KitsuneUse a weapon flag to mark weapons that induce bleeding 640/head
2019-03-09 MarioSet the flag's movetype to MOVETYPE_NONE when respawnin...
2019-03-09 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2019-03-08 Mircea KitsuneGet damage effects working again
2019-03-08 Mircea KitsuneReplace button14 with button12 for minigame state 639/head
2019-03-08 terencehillUpdate hash
2019-03-08 terencehillMerge branch 'terencehill/bot_ai'
2019-03-08 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2019-03-06 terencehillDisable fire tolerance since bots tend to shoot way...
2019-03-03 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/bot_ai
2019-02-27 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2019-02-24 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2019-02-23 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2019-02-22 terencehillRefactor Item_GiveAmmoTo a little bit to reduce duplica...
2019-02-22 terencehillGet rid of 2 functions
2019-02-22 terencehillAdd parentheses to fix a compile error
2019-02-21 terencehillImprove SetResource description. Convert some floats...
2019-02-21 terencehillDon't even try to count damage as score if it's null
2019-02-20 Martin Taibrfix cvar description
2019-02-19 terencehillShow no damage effect if damage is null (frozen player...
2019-02-18 terencehillAdd brackets to GAMETYPE macros
2019-02-18 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2019-02-16 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into 'master'
2019-02-15 terencehillWhen possible use simpler LOG_* macros instead of LOG_*F
2019-02-15 terencehillSome minor cleanups and optimizations
2019-02-12 terencehillUpdate notifications.cfg
2019-02-12 terencehillMerge branch 'terencehill/more_compilation_optimizations'
2019-02-12 Slava BacherikovFix crash when g_maxplayers smaller than current amount... 637/head
2019-02-12 MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/minplayers_per_team' into...
2019-02-10 terencehillConcatenate log header strings in code
2019-02-10 terencehillReduce code of FOREACH_CLIENT_RANDOM
2019-02-10 terencehillCount notifications in a single FOREACH loop
2019-02-09 terencehillUse a function to print the assertion failed message...
2019-02-09 terencehillDisable spawnfunc.qh code in client and menu as it...
2019-02-08 terencehillUse a function to print single effect indexes
2019-02-08 terencehillReduce function calls when writing 2 multi-line messages