2015-12-07 TimePathImpulses: migration pathway
2015-12-06 TimePathImpulse refactor
2015-12-06 TimePathCommon commands (client-server): register
2015-12-06 MarioAdd bulldozer levels 6, 7 & 8
2015-12-06 TimePathServer commands: register
2015-12-06 TimePathGlobalSound: fix incorrect channels
2015-12-05 TimePathLinkedList: rebase delete method on clear
2015-12-05 TimePathLinkedList: delete method; free the list too
2015-12-05 TimePathLinkedList: delete method cleanup parameter
2015-12-05 TimePathLinkedList: delete method
2015-12-05 TimePathArrayList: pass by reference
2015-12-05 TimePathLinkedList: fix dangling references after pop
2015-12-05 TimePathWeapons: make WepSet_FromWeapon more verbose, making...
2015-12-05 TimePathHUD_Radar: optimize
2015-12-05 MarioUse a temporary hack to hide the jump sound issue
2015-12-05 TimePathi18n: cache CTX
2015-12-04 MarioDon't override timelimit in CTS
2015-12-04 TimePathshownames: exit early if no origin
2015-12-04 MarioPartially fix water jumping (still a bit broken on...
2015-12-04 MarioMake water transition slightly less broken
2015-12-04 TimePathdebug: bufstr_get command
2015-12-04 TimePathentcs: collect garbage
2015-12-04 MarioMake a spammy warning less spammy
2015-12-04 TimePathentcs: use REGISTER_NET_TEMP, not REGISTER_NET_LINKED
2015-12-04 TimePathentcs: initialize with MSG_ONE, not MSG_INIT
2015-12-04 MarioMake the trigger functions handle fixing of trigger...
2015-12-04 TimePathentcs: update connecting clients
2015-12-04 TimePathDebugdraw: classname filter
2015-12-04 MarioUse exact trigger hack on teleporters
2015-12-03 MarioFix compile
2015-12-03 MarioFix a silly mistake
2015-12-03 MarioFix a missing mutator hook call
2015-12-03 MarioRevert to the old method in hopes to catch a command...
2015-12-03 MarioUnpredict warpzones until angle rolling can be fixed
2015-12-03 MarioPredict warpzones
2015-12-03 MarioFix race and CTS modicons panel
2015-12-03 MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/strzone_fixes' into 'master'
2015-12-03 TimePathPlayer_Footsteps: move to physics
2015-12-03 TimePathAssert harder
2015-12-03 MarioRemove a now useless check
2015-12-03 MarioStrip some player-only stuff out of the main CreatureFr...
2015-12-03 MarioRip CreatureFrame apart
2015-12-03 TimePathGlobalsound: assert source is a player
2015-12-03 MarioFix a mistake that potentially causes jump sounds where...
2015-12-02 MarioApply a temporary fix for superweapons
2015-12-02 MarioMake the WeaponModel hook common
2015-12-02 TimePathSound: always send .wav strings
2015-12-02 MarioDon't show doublejump in running mutators
2015-12-02 MarioFix it more cleanly
2015-12-02 MarioFix projectiles on jumppads
2015-12-02 TimePathSound8: potentially fix player sound issue
2015-12-01 TimePathDebugdraw: hide more entities
2015-12-01 TimePathShownames: fade when moving to spectate
2015-12-01 TimePathMutators: network
2015-12-01 MarioAlways draw ladders (reduces amount of bandwidth wasted...
2015-12-01 MarioLink ladders (landing on them is rough, unfixable curre...
2015-12-01 MarioAllow any height value
2015-12-01 MarioHopefully fix issues with vaporizer beam
2015-12-01 MarioFix spawn near teammates
2015-11-30 MarioFix intermission track for reals
2015-11-30 TimePathViewmodels: fix white
2015-11-30 TimePathAdd a few checks
2015-11-30 TimePathMerge branch 'TimePath/csqc_viewmodels' into 'master'
2015-11-30 MarioFix prediction of jumping onto ledges
2015-11-30 TimePathViewmodels: call wr_glow on activeweapon, not switching... 250/head
2015-11-30 TimePathViewmodels: fix muzzleflashes
2015-11-30 TimePathViewmodels: match engine cl_followmodel and cl_bobmodel
2015-11-30 MarioUse a temporary hack to fix teleporters and jumppads...
2015-11-30 TimePathViewmodels: network weaponrate factor
2015-11-30 TimePathViewmodels: network switchdelays
2015-11-30 TimePathViewmodels: smooth switch with high latency
2015-11-29 TimePathViewmodels: clientside Vortex glow
2015-11-29 TimePathMerge branch 'master' into TimePath/csqc_viewmodels
2015-11-29 MarioAdd a hook to team change function, will come in handy...
2015-11-29 MarioPredict teleporters (yay)
2015-11-29 TimePathViewmodels: cl_bobmodel: check onground for other playe...
2015-11-29 MarioClean up hacks a bit
2015-11-29 TimePathViewmodels: cl_bobmodel: not in the air
2015-11-29 TimePathViewmodels: attempt to smooth out teleporting
2015-11-29 TimePathViewmodels: support cl_bobmodel, cl_leanmodel, cl_follo...
2015-11-29 MarioFix some issues with movetype prediction, also make...
2015-11-29 MarioFix some issues with QC movetypes
2015-11-29 TimePathMerge branch 'TimePath/stats' into 'master'
2015-11-29 TimePathentcs: de-jitter
2015-11-29 TimePathMultijump: fix 262/head
2015-11-29 MarioThis commit is dedicated to TimePath
2015-11-29 TimePathMerge branch 'master' into TimePath/stats
2015-11-29 TimePathStats: port vectors
2015-11-28 TimePathStats: port gamemodes
2015-11-28 TimePathStats: port remaining movevars
2015-11-27 Rudolf PolzerFix some SVQC and CSQC string leaks.
2015-11-27 Rudolf PolzerFix memory leaks in ATTRIB(..., strzone(...)) calls.
2015-11-27 Rudolf Polzerinit.bsp: Properly shutdown the mapinfo subsystem.
2015-11-27 Rudolf PolzerFix most menuqc leaks.
2015-11-27 MarioFinish off the last of the stats
2015-11-27 MarioDo another bunch of stats
2015-11-27 MarioAdd an option to burn the player when they enter lava
2015-11-26 MarioMake sure self is set on the PlayerJump mutator hook
2015-11-26 MarioKill use of self in player physics code
2015-11-26 terencehillRemove 2 useless strzone calls; also clear 2 unzoned... 261/head