2015-12-13 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/menu_optimization
2015-12-13 TimePathlog: now in colour
2015-12-13 TimePathlog: optimize size
2015-12-13 TimePathlanguage_filename: deprecate
2015-12-13 TimePathetof hack: we don't need this anymore
2015-12-12 TimePathetof: avoid tempstring
2015-12-12 TimePathWeapons: store activeweapon as direct weapon reference
2015-12-12 TimePathWeapons: remove redundancies
2015-12-12 TimePathWeapons: store switchingweapon as direct weapon reference
2015-12-12 TimePathWeapons: store switchweapon as direct weapon reference
2015-12-12 TimePathassert_once
2015-12-12 TimePathString: cons
2015-12-12 TimePathPotentially fix #1605
2015-12-11 TimePathScoreboard: fix empty scoreboard in non-team games
2015-12-11 TimePathprecache_playermodels: fix insidious bug; sounds loaded...
2015-12-11 TimePaths/ASSERT/demand/
2015-12-11 TimePathScoreboard: remove team 0
2015-12-11 TimePathOverkill: suppress armour drop warnings
2015-12-11 TimePathOverkill: remove another warning
2015-12-11 TimePathWeapons: fix cvar networking for late joins
2015-12-11 TimePathConsole: reduce verbosity in overkill
2015-12-10 MarioWhitelist some item fields so there's less spam in...
2015-12-10 MarioPossible fixes for nades
2015-12-10 MarioFix some minor annoyances
2015-12-10 TimePathConsole: reduce verbosity
2015-12-10 TimePathConsole: reduce map verbosity
2015-12-10 TimePathConsole: reduce verbosity
2015-12-10 MarioAdd a check to make sure it can't crash (though, someth...
2015-12-10 MarioHopefully fix an issue with dying
2015-12-10 TimePathMacros: optimize
2015-12-10 TimePath(SAME|DIFF)_TEAM: optimize
2015-12-10 TimePathStats: abstract engine stats
2015-12-10 TimePathENT_CLIENT_INIT: stop sending weapon settings
2015-12-10 TimePathwframe_send: stop sending switchdelay
2015-12-10 TimePathWeapons: network balance changes
2015-12-09 TimePathRegistry: net interface
2015-12-08 TimePathImpulses: fix recursive `use` alias
2015-12-08 TimePathPlayerSound: remove extraneous 'e'
2015-12-08 TimePathAnimations: fix regression in previous commit
2015-12-08 TimePathAnimations: register
2015-12-07 Rudolf PolzerModernize Makefile: stop using progs.src files.
2015-12-07 TimePathWeapons: require explicit `Weapons_from` call
2015-12-07 TimePathVehicles: refer to registered impulse commands
2015-12-07 TimePathImpulses: register direct weapons
2015-12-07 TimePathImpulses: register priority lists
2015-12-07 TimePathImpulses: migration pathway -- missed a space
2015-12-07 TimePathImpulses: migration pathway
2015-12-07 terencehillsoundlist: set initial nItems value to 0 and do a small...
2015-12-06 TimePathImpulse refactor
2015-12-06 TimePathCommon commands (client-server): register
2015-12-06 MarioAdd bulldozer levels 6, 7 & 8
2015-12-06 TimePathServer commands: register
2015-12-06 TimePathGlobalSound: fix incorrect channels
2015-12-05 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/menu_optimization
2015-12-05 TimePathLinkedList: rebase delete method on clear
2015-12-05 TimePathLinkedList: delete method; free the list too
2015-12-05 TimePathLinkedList: delete method cleanup parameter
2015-12-05 TimePathLinkedList: delete method
2015-12-05 TimePathArrayList: pass by reference
2015-12-05 TimePathLinkedList: fix dangling references after pop
2015-12-05 TimePathWeapons: make WepSet_FromWeapon more verbose, making...
2015-12-05 TimePathHUD_Radar: optimize
2015-12-05 MarioUse a temporary hack to hide the jump sound issue
2015-12-05 TimePathi18n: cache CTX
2015-12-04 terencehillCreate keybind list when it is displayed rather than...
2015-12-04 terencehillAvoid loading player model list and player model on...
2015-12-04 MarioDon't override timelimit in CTS
2015-12-04 TimePathshownames: exit early if no origin
2015-12-04 MarioPartially fix water jumping (still a bit broken on...
2015-12-04 MarioMake water transition slightly less broken
2015-12-04 TimePathdebug: bufstr_get command
2015-12-04 TimePathentcs: collect garbage
2015-12-04 MarioMake a spammy warning less spammy
2015-12-04 TimePathentcs: use REGISTER_NET_TEMP, not REGISTER_NET_LINKED
2015-12-04 TimePathentcs: initialize with MSG_ONE, not MSG_INIT
2015-12-04 MarioMake the trigger functions handle fixing of trigger...
2015-12-04 TimePathentcs: update connecting clients
2015-12-04 TimePathDebugdraw: classname filter
2015-12-04 MarioUse exact trigger hack on teleporters
2015-12-03 terencehillFix an error caused by the selection of the first cvar...
2015-12-03 MarioFix compile
2015-12-03 MarioFix a silly mistake
2015-12-03 MarioFix a missing mutator hook call
2015-12-03 MarioRevert to the old method in hopes to catch a command...
2015-12-03 MarioUnpredict warpzones until angle rolling can be fixed
2015-12-03 MarioPredict warpzones
2015-12-03 MarioFix race and CTS modicons panel
2015-12-03 MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/strzone_fixes' into 'master'
2015-12-03 TimePathPlayer_Footsteps: move to physics
2015-12-03 TimePathAssert harder
2015-12-03 MarioRemove a now useless check
2015-12-03 MarioStrip some player-only stuff out of the main CreatureFr...
2015-12-03 MarioRip CreatureFrame apart
2015-12-03 TimePathGlobalsound: assert source is a player
2015-12-03 MarioFix a mistake that potentially causes jump sounds where...
2015-12-02 terencehillCreate cvar list when it is displayed rather then on...
2015-12-02 terencehillAvoid loading lists of demos, screenshots and music...
2015-12-02 MarioApply a temporary fix for superweapons
2015-12-02 MarioMake the WeaponModel hook common
2015-12-02 TimePathSound: always send .wav strings