2015-12-30 TimePathMakefile: use `-I.`
2015-12-30 TimePath#pragma once
2015-12-30 TimePathLog: stringify __LINE__ at compile time
2015-12-30 TimePathftepp: remove
2015-12-29 TimePathIter: prevent invalidation
2015-12-29 MarioFix compile
2015-12-29 MarioPotentially fix a crash
2015-12-29 TimePathMakefile: depend on transitive #includes
2015-12-29 TimePathcpp compat
2015-12-29 TimePathWhitespace police
2015-12-29 TimePathMerge branch 'terencehill/server_aliases_fix' into...
2015-12-29 TimePathVector: vlen2 in terms of dotproduct
2015-12-29 MarioOptimize more maths
2015-12-28 Rudolf PolzerTransifex sync.
2015-12-28 Rudolf PolzerSync dpextensions.qc.
2015-12-28 MarioOptimize more maths
2015-12-28 MarioMatherize
2015-12-28 MarioOptimize maths
2015-12-28 MarioMove minigame HUD command into minigame file
2015-12-28 MarioAdd a hook for HUD commands
2015-12-28 MarioMake it optional
2015-12-28 MarioShow ghost items while in a vehicle
2015-12-28 TimePaths/make_pure/new_pure/
2015-12-28 MarioTurn some stupidly long cvars into autocvars
2015-12-28 TimePathRegistry: SHA256 isn't always available, use MD4 instead
2015-12-27 MarioIncrease maximum number of vehicles
2015-12-27 MarioImprove Snake status panel
2015-12-25 MarioLoopify find command
2015-12-25 MarioKill some uses of TRUE and FALSE
2015-12-25 MarioAdd a loop for entities
2015-12-25 MarioUse the ONGROUND macros
2015-12-25 MarioFix up a couple more cases
2015-12-25 MarioUse an org local instead of multi-line setorigin
2015-12-24 terencehillFix definition of many server aliases in local games... 271/head
2015-12-24 TimePathtuba: fix #1621
2015-12-24 TimePathhook: move to common
2015-12-24 TimePathtuba: move to common
2015-12-24 MarioMake sure projectiles and dropped weapons don't try...
2015-12-24 TimePathsound_starttime: document
2015-12-24 MarioNow that item fading "works" with warpzones, enable...
2015-12-24 MarioFinally fix the stupid client including server items...
2015-12-24 MarioAdd a deprecation note for FOR_EACH_REALCLIENT
2015-12-24 TimePathWRITESPECTATABLE_MSG_ONE: cleanup
2015-12-24 MarioKill most cases of FOR_EACH_CLIENT and deprecate FOR_EA...
2015-12-24 MarioKill most uses of FOR_EACH_REALCLIENT
2015-12-24 MarioKill FOR_EACH_REALPLAYER
2015-12-24 MarioRemove leftovers
2015-12-24 MarioLoops
2015-12-24 MarioFOR_EACH_OBSERVER is deprecated too
2015-12-24 MarioRemove FOR_EACH_PLAYER and FOR_EACH_SPEC from the codebase
2015-12-24 MarioMore loops
2015-12-24 MarioFix a bunch of loops
2015-12-24 MarioKill a few more loops
2015-12-24 MarioCleanse teamplay.qc of the looping horrors
2015-12-24 MarioPull the commit trigger again
2015-12-24 MarioLoooooops
2015-12-24 MarioMore loops
2015-12-24 MarioLoops
2015-12-24 MarioEven more loops
2015-12-24 MarioLoopify bot enemy player role
2015-12-24 MarioThis is a debug message, not an info message
2015-12-24 MarioMore loops
2015-12-24 TimePathClientConnect: cleanup
2015-12-24 MarioFix up some onslaught loops
2015-12-24 MarioDisable oneflag by default (servers will have to enable...
2015-12-24 MarioFix a stupid loop
2015-12-24 MarioRemove an unused function
2015-12-24 MarioFix domination control point sound and message when...
2015-12-24 MarioDomination capture message: show point or points
2015-12-24 MarioLoopify another trace
2015-12-24 MarioLoopify instagib
2015-12-24 MarioFix a bunch of loops in freezetag
2015-12-24 TimePathMerge branch 'terencehill/cl_forceplayercolors_2' into...
2015-12-24 TimePathMerge branch 'terencehill/connection_msg_fix' into...
2015-12-24 MarioFix up some more FOR_EACH_PLAYER loops
2015-12-24 MarioLoopify overkill
2015-12-24 MarioLoopify nix
2015-12-24 MarioLoopify loops
2015-12-24 MarioLoopify W_RandomWeapons
2015-12-24 MarioMore loopification
2015-12-24 MarioLoopify t_items.qc
2015-12-24 MarioLoopify readplayerstartcvars
2015-12-24 MarioLoopify player death slots
2015-12-24 TimePathRemove unused global
2015-12-24 MarioLoopify more bot weapon stuff
2015-12-24 TimePathAutopause: cvar
2015-12-23 MarioFix compile
2015-12-23 MarioLoopify bot weapon reloading
2015-12-23 MarioLoopify weapon arena string
2015-12-23 TimePathArrayList: redefine builtins so they can be profiled...
2015-12-23 MarioLoopify pinata
2015-12-23 MarioNew loop for new toys
2015-12-23 MarioUse new weapon loop logic on spawnfuncs
2015-12-23 MarioClean up nJoinAllowed a little
2015-12-23 MarioMake IsFlying less accurate but a lot quicker
2015-12-23 MarioReplace some player loops with fancy ones
2015-12-23 terencehillcl_forceplayercolors no longer applies your own colors... 270/head
2015-12-23 terencehillRemove unneeded placeholder in a message 269/head
2015-12-23 terencehillFix another message: "player X connecting..." wasn...
2015-12-23 terencehillFix a bug where the message "You cannot change to a...