2016-10-21 Rudolf PolzerFix source comments in physicsX.cfg.
2016-10-21 MarioReapply size to func_breakable when changing its model
2016-10-21 MarioCheck for matching switchweapon when auto firing arc...
2016-10-21 MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/ons_camera' into 'master'
2016-10-21 MarioMerge branch 'martin-t/unused_fields' into 'master'
2016-10-20 Martin Taibrone more 378/head
2016-10-20 Marioitthis isn't a word
2016-10-20 MarioAdd a basic entity that spawns monsters when triggered
2016-10-20 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/ons_camera 377/head
2016-10-20 terencehillOnslaught: get rid of an error message when round restart
2016-10-19 MarioMake the target entity a parameter instead of spawning...
2016-10-19 MarioAllow setting a monster to not auto align itself at...
2016-10-19 Rudolf PolzerFix the error message that appears when loading an...
2016-10-19 MarioFix intrusive list warning when a monster re-spawns
2016-10-19 MarioClean up monster direction checking code a bit more
2016-10-19 MarioDon't check trace_fraction on all cases
2016-10-19 MarioMake sure monster turns around if it touches another...
2016-10-19 MarioMake monster appear flag work properly with re-spawning
2016-10-19 Rudolf PolzerFix warning spam for bots using the tuba.
2016-10-19 MarioDon't spawn passive monsters if random is chosen
2016-10-19 MarioAdd a passive flag for monsters that don't chase players
2016-10-19 terencehillOnslaught: fix clientcamera support when round restarts
2016-10-18 MarioFix control point icon spinning rapidly when it comes...
2016-10-18 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/ons_camera
2016-10-18 MarioFix monster ticrates
2016-10-17 MarioChange bulldozer direction handling to send 1 byte...
2016-10-17 MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/menu_quit_dialog_fix' into...
2016-10-17 MarioFix minor redundancy in nexball dphitcontentsmask
2016-10-17 MarioUpdate hash again...
2016-10-16 Martin Taibrremove more unused fields
2016-10-14 terencehillHide the menu when closing the Quit dialog while connected 376/head
2016-10-14 MarioMake nexball's ball bounce off player clips (fixes...
2016-10-14 MarioRevert last 2 commits (cause is elsewhere)
2016-10-14 MarioAlso don't consider player same team if they're dead...
2016-10-14 MarioIgnore CA spectators
2016-10-14 MarioRemove oldmovement (unused)
2016-10-14 MarioAdd a mutator hook to force hide the scoreboard
2016-10-14 Martin Taibranim_pain
2016-10-13 MarioUpdate view location earlier, fixes observers stuck...
2016-10-13 MarioFix viewloc ladder prediction
2016-10-13 Martin Taibrunused killer_origin
2016-10-13 Martin Taibrmore unused
2016-10-13 Martin Taibrremove usused entity fields
2016-10-13 MarioFix CTS scores
2016-10-12 MarioAccept balance hash change
2016-10-12 MarioMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/DefaultUser/overki...
2016-10-12 FreddyFix the g_overkill_filter_* cvars
2016-10-12 MarioAdd an option to apply gravity on slick surfaces (so...
2016-10-12 MarioMerge branch 'DefaultUser/overkill_cvars' into 'master'
2016-10-12 FreddyImprove overkill item filter cvars 375/head
2016-10-12 MarioSplit XPM servers into their own "Competitive Mode...
2016-10-12 MarioAdd a placeholder icon for Jeff's mod
2016-10-12 MarioMerge branch 'DefaultUser/insta_ammo' into 'master'
2016-10-12 MarioFix mutators not setting modname
2016-10-11 MarioReset viewloc when respawning, and link it with spectat...
2016-10-11 MarioUpdate physics stats on connect (fixes sometimes spawni...
2016-10-10 FreddyRemove 2 unused fields from sv_overkill.qc
2016-10-10 FreddyDon't remove 25a and 50a in overkill in the default...
2016-10-10 FreddyReplace g_overkill_100a_anyways and g_overkill_100h_anyways
2016-10-10 FreddyRemove g_overkill_superguns_respawn_time
2016-10-10 FreddyInstaGib: add cvars to convert ammo packs into insta... 374/head
2016-10-09 MarioRestore behaviour after respawning if func_breakable...
2016-10-08 MarioUpdate oldmovement on server too
2016-10-08 MarioKeep player size and view offset stats up to date
2016-10-08 MarioImprove bandwidth of client walls
2016-10-08 MarioFix trigger_delay
2016-10-08 MarioCopy antiwall flag (fixes delayed antiwall triggers)
2016-10-08 MarioDon't overwrite the .pressedkeys field (abused by other...
2016-10-08 MarioDisable unpressing attack on weapon switching by default
2016-10-08 MarioDisable midair combos (generally not well received...
2016-10-08 MarioRemove spread from electro and hagar attacks (merge...
2016-10-08 MarioAccept sv_stepheight changes (partially gameplay-releva...
2016-10-08 MarioConsider g_physics_clientselect a server friendly option
2016-10-08 MarioCount another mutator as gameplay-irrelevant
2016-10-08 MarioConsider g_norecoil an acceptable change
2016-10-08 MarioUndefine BADPRESUFFIX too
2016-10-08 Mariog_buffs is an acceptable change, like g_powerups
2016-10-08 MarioDon't spawn buffs on maps that lack spawnpoints by...
2016-10-08 MarioRestore default crylink and don't use weaponreplace...
2016-10-08 MarioTweak arc as well (bolt attack remains disabled by...
2016-10-08 MarioTweak default shockwave balance
2016-10-08 MarioAccept balance change hash
2016-10-08 MarioIgnore a few gameplay-irrelevant cvars
2016-10-07 MarioMerge branch 'martin-t/random' into 'master'
2016-10-07 Martin Taibrrefactor RandomSelection, add a field for vector 373/head
2016-10-07 MarioAdd an entity parameter to entcs net props
2016-10-07 MarioTemporary fix for warning spam on map start
2016-10-06 MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/overkill_stuff' into 'master'
2016-10-05 MarioOverkill balance: use regen pause of 2 seconds
2016-10-05 terencehillOverkill's default g_balance_pause_health_regen value... 371/head
2016-10-05 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/overkill_stuff
2016-10-05 MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/timeout_countdown_fix' into...
2016-10-05 MarioPort nexball ball held too long by team message to...
2016-10-05 MarioFix excessive rocket jump force
2016-10-04 MarioClean up old remote jump feature, no longer consumes...
2016-10-04 MarioMake vortex switch delay match other weapons
2016-10-04 MarioAdopt some overkill balance changes from the LX server...
2016-10-03 MarioFix start items in some special arena mutators
2016-10-01 MarioUse the CSQC player origin if in 3rd person mode
2016-09-28 MarioMinor performance improvement in bot movement code