2015-12-24 TimePathMerge branch 'terencehill/connection_msg_fix' into...
2015-12-24 MarioFix up some more FOR_EACH_PLAYER loops
2015-12-24 MarioLoopify overkill
2015-12-24 MarioLoopify nix
2015-12-24 MarioLoopify loops
2015-12-24 MarioLoopify W_RandomWeapons
2015-12-24 MarioMore loopification
2015-12-24 MarioLoopify t_items.qc
2015-12-24 MarioLoopify readplayerstartcvars
2015-12-24 MarioLoopify player death slots
2015-12-24 TimePathRemove unused global
2015-12-24 MarioLoopify more bot weapon stuff
2015-12-24 TimePathAutopause: cvar
2015-12-23 MarioFix compile
2015-12-23 MarioLoopify bot weapon reloading
2015-12-23 MarioLoopify weapon arena string
2015-12-23 TimePathArrayList: redefine builtins so they can be profiled...
2015-12-23 MarioLoopify pinata
2015-12-23 MarioNew loop for new toys
2015-12-23 MarioUse new weapon loop logic on spawnfuncs
2015-12-23 MarioClean up nJoinAllowed a little
2015-12-23 MarioMake IsFlying less accurate but a lot quicker
2015-12-23 MarioReplace some player loops with fancy ones
2015-12-23 terencehillRemove unneeded placeholder in a message 269/head
2015-12-23 terencehillFix another message: "player X connecting..." wasn...
2015-12-23 terencehillFix a bug where the message "You cannot change to a...
2015-12-23 MarioImprove server performance a bit
2015-12-23 MarioRemove some useless files
2015-12-23 MarioFix compile
2015-12-23 MarioMove some stuff around, kill a server file included...
2015-12-23 TimePathminigames: handle program specific definitions internally
2015-12-23 TimePathShare common inclusions
2015-12-23 MarioDon't use .origin directly
2015-12-23 MarioFix a couple of setorigin pains
2015-12-23 TimePathRemove unused definitions
2015-12-22 TimePathPause in singleplayer when using any menu. Closes ...
2015-12-22 MarioTake score instead of giving it if teamkilling FC
2015-12-22 TimePathServerlist: fix adding private servers removing all...
2015-12-21 TimePathMonsters: resolve assertion failures
2015-12-21 TimePathClient commands: register
2015-12-21 TimePathTeam names: #define. Fixes #1612
2015-12-21 TimePathSupport compiling without optimizations
2015-12-21 TimePathMerge branch 'terencehill/menu_hudskin_selector' into...
2015-12-20 TimePathmenu: bufstr_get
2015-12-20 MarioSet g_respawn_delay_max to 5 by default (poll passed)
2015-12-20 TimePathC2S protocol
2015-12-20 TimePathyEnc binary-to-text encoding with tests
2015-12-20 TimePathMerge branch 'terencehill/hud_shownames_optimization...
2015-12-20 TimePathhud_shownames: comparing distance squared is even faster 267/head
2015-12-20 TimePathtarget_spawn: fix crash
2015-12-19 terencehillA very trivial optimization
2015-12-19 terencehillhud_shownames optimization: fade out team mate waypoint...
2015-12-19 TimePathweapons: fix weapon list icons. closes #1610
2015-12-19 TimePathweapons: fix being able to switch to no weapon
2015-12-18 MarioMake projectiles and items interact with jumppads in...
2015-12-18 TimePathviewmodels: fix vehicles
2015-12-18 TimePathdebugdraw: filtering improvements
2015-12-17 MarioUpdate items when touching jumppads (fixes odd thrown...
2015-12-17 MarioUpdate items instantly when they pass through warpzones
2015-12-17 TimePathassert: devassert, hidden outside developer mode
2015-12-17 TimePathcl_gunalign: stat. Fixes #1607
2015-12-17 TimePathi18n: CTX cache with map, not array indices. Fixes...
2015-12-17 TimePathInitialize maxclients earlier, fixes #1609
2015-12-17 MarioMove buffs away from spawnpoints a little bit if they...
2015-12-17 MarioSwap cl_movement 3 and 1, so the default is QC movetype...
2015-12-17 MarioSome minor changes to support movetype prediction
2015-12-16 MarioSupress an out of bounds warning
2015-12-16 MarioMake CSQC items much more accurately predicted
2015-12-15 MarioMake up/down work on ladders in side scrolling mode
2015-12-15 MarioAdd special water physics for side scroller
2015-12-15 MarioFix compile
2015-12-15 MarioAdd a way to pause a train until triggered again
2015-12-13 TimePathlog: now in colour
2015-12-13 TimePathlog: optimize size
2015-12-13 TimePathlanguage_filename: deprecate
2015-12-13 TimePathetof hack: we don't need this anymore
2015-12-12 TimePathetof: avoid tempstring
2015-12-12 TimePathWeapons: store activeweapon as direct weapon reference
2015-12-12 TimePathWeapons: remove redundancies
2015-12-12 TimePathWeapons: store switchingweapon as direct weapon reference
2015-12-12 TimePathWeapons: store switchweapon as direct weapon reference
2015-12-12 TimePathassert_once
2015-12-12 TimePathString: cons
2015-12-12 TimePathPotentially fix #1605
2015-12-11 TimePathScoreboard: fix empty scoreboard in non-team games
2015-12-11 TimePathprecache_playermodels: fix insidious bug; sounds loaded...
2015-12-11 TimePaths/ASSERT/demand/
2015-12-11 TimePathScoreboard: remove team 0
2015-12-11 TimePathOverkill: suppress armour drop warnings
2015-12-11 TimePathOverkill: remove another warning
2015-12-11 TimePathWeapons: fix cvar networking for late joins
2015-12-11 TimePathConsole: reduce verbosity in overkill
2015-12-10 MarioWhitelist some item fields so there's less spam in...
2015-12-10 MarioPossible fixes for nades
2015-12-10 MarioFix some minor annoyances
2015-12-10 TimePathConsole: reduce verbosity
2015-12-10 TimePathConsole: reduce map verbosity
2015-12-10 TimePathConsole: reduce verbosity
2015-12-10 MarioAdd a check to make sure it can't crash (though, someth...
2015-12-10 MarioHopefully fix an issue with dying