2014-04-07 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' into samual/weapons
2014-04-07 Rudolf PolzerFix more ##.
2014-04-07 Rudolf PolzerFix wrong use of ##.
2014-04-01 Samual LenksMinor cleanup
2014-03-31 Samual LenksFix damage for enemies near the explosion
2014-03-31 Samual LenksAdd explicit rocket jump functionality which saves...
2014-03-31 Samual LenksClean up some things in Arc code
2014-03-13 Rudolf PolzerWarpzone fixes for arc; use quadratic spline now.
2014-03-10 Rudolf PolzerGet rid of a stupid dummy forced-saved-cvars cvar.
2014-03-09 Samual LenksMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master into samual...
2014-03-09 Samual LenksThat's actually the last division, not first
2014-03-01 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of git://de.git.xonotic.org/xonot...
2014-03-01 Rudolf PolzerFor convenience, provide bezier curve functions globally.
2014-02-28 Samual LenksSlightly more cleanup of Shockwave draw code
2014-02-28 Samual LenksClean up the shockwave drawing code
2014-02-28 Samual LenksDisable usage of WR_IMPACTEFFECT
2014-02-28 Samual LenksMove Shockwave visual effect to the w_shockwave.qc...
2014-02-28 Samual LenksStart working on Shockwave visual effect again
2014-02-28 Samual LenksWorking on muzzleflash, cleanup a bit
2014-02-27 Samual LenksTurns out, yes, that was needed.. fixes a bug with...
2014-02-27 Samual LenksPrecache the sound on the client as well
2014-02-27 Samual LenksMove the declarations to the proper place
2014-02-27 Samual LenksRename shothitpos to end_pos
2014-02-27 Samual LenksFix precaching on server for Arc attack sound
2014-02-27 Samual LenksAdd names for the sendflags bits
2014-02-27 Samual LenksMove the Draw_ArcBeam code to w_arc.qc
2014-02-27 Samual LenksEnable calculation of segment counts on client now
2014-02-27 Samual LenksUse bound for degreespersegment
2014-02-27 Samual LenksFix some various issues with angle blending
2014-02-27 Samual LenksWorking on more code cleanup
2014-02-26 Samual LenksSwitch back to previous last origin method
2014-02-26 Samual LenksClean up effects and a few more things
2014-02-26 Samual LenksSome cleanup, add comment for draw collision todo
2014-02-26 Samual LenksOnly interpolate when not local beam
2014-02-26 Samual LenksAdd _hitlight and _muzzlelight functionality, rename...
2014-02-26 Samual LenksMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into samua...
2014-02-26 Samual LenksMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/Mario/train_fix'
2014-02-26 Samual LenksMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/terencehill/hud_co...
2014-02-26 Samual LenksMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/Mario/teams_override'
2014-02-26 Samual LenksMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/Mario/nade_drop'
2014-02-26 Samual LenksMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/Mario/spawnsystem_...
2014-02-26 Samual LenksMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sev/waypointarrow'
2014-02-26 Samual LenksMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/terencehill/hud_fixes'
2014-02-26 Samual LenksMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/terencehill/movepl...
2014-02-20 terencehillCheckAllowedTeams must be called before FindSmallestTeam
2014-02-20 Samual LenksMore minor cleanups
2014-02-20 Samual LenksRemove some useless comments
2014-02-20 Samual LenksMinor cleanups
2014-02-20 Samual LenksFix ammo checks, auto switch when unable to fire again
2014-02-20 Samual LenksWorking on fixing a bug with ammo.. currently broken
2014-02-20 Samual LenksAdd burst ammo control
2014-02-20 Samual LenksAdd comment for velocity accomodation idea
2014-02-20 Samual LenksAdd functionality to "lock in" attack once starting...
2014-02-20 Samual LenksRemove the separate function for arc init
2014-02-19 Samual LenksDon't duplicate WR_INIT requests
2014-02-19 Samual LenksAdd healing logic, add burst_damage
2014-02-19 Samual LenksExperiment with beam_traileffect and add comment for...
2014-02-19 Samual LenksMore cleanup and comments
2014-02-19 Samual LenksAdd some comments explaining issues/todo's with the...
2014-02-19 Samual LenksCleanup, fix an issue with knowing origin
2014-02-19 Samual LenksBegin adding muzzle model support
2014-02-19 Samual LenksAdd an elasticity setting, beam "tightness"
2014-02-19 Samual LenksRemove the teleporttime stuff, that was useless
2014-02-19 Samual LenksSome cleanup
2014-02-19 Samual LenksRename beam_rgb to beam_color
2014-02-19 Samual LenksPreparation for other visual improvements to the beam
2014-02-19 Samual LenksWorking on visual effects for Arc some more
2014-02-19 Samual LenksSet maxthickness based on beam type
2014-02-19 Samual LenksNo need to figure out beam type settings every frame...
2014-02-19 Samual LenksAdd some additional functionality to beam type effect...
2014-02-18 Samual LenksClient code already knows g_trueaim_minrange, use that...
2014-02-18 Samual LenksAlso network maxangle and returnspeed
2014-02-18 Samual LenksNetwork settings information instead of using local...
2014-02-18 Samual LenksClean up quite a lot of code in w_arc.qc
2014-02-18 Samual LenksAlso check to make sure that the client is really a...
2014-02-18 Samual LenksBegin adding special effects for each beam type
2014-02-18 Samual LenksDirectly handle thickness of particle beam, properly...
2014-02-18 Samual Lenksyayyyy the client side tracing now works quite decently! :D
2014-02-18 Samual LenksBuild new drawing method into client code for Arc effects
2014-02-17 Samual LenksSome cleanup
2014-02-17 Samual LenksRename primary to beam for Arc gun cvars/settings
2014-02-17 Samual LenksIncrease delay for lgbeam_fire sound
2014-02-17 Samual LenksBegin adding burst/secondary support
2014-02-17 Samual LenksMany updates, add nonplayerdamage handling, etc
2014-02-17 Samual LenksMove append_to_string to its proper place
2014-02-17 Samual LenksMake it compile/run again
2014-02-17 Rudolf Polzercomments
2014-02-17 Samual LenksCommitting in broken state: working on cleaning some...
2014-02-17 Samual LenksMore config tweaks and debug tweaks
2014-02-17 Samual LenksUpdate config, plus better debug info
2014-02-17 Samual LenksLarge updates to handling of segment tracing
2014-02-17 Samual LenksWorking on Arc attack calculation
2014-02-17 Samual LenksMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into samua...
2014-02-17 Samual LenksFix "low gravity" check
2014-02-17 Samual LenksIncrease gravity slightly
2014-02-14 Rudolf PolzerFinally merged them all.
2014-02-14 Rudolf PolzerKill polish dupe.
2014-02-14 Rudolf PolzerMore transifex.