2016-08-06 TimePathServer list: soft refresh 305/head
2016-04-03 TimePathAdd a refresh button to the server list
2016-04-02 TimePathdedicated_print: switch from `LOG_INFO` to `print`
2016-03-31 TimePathmxlib: Return early
2016-03-31 TimePathWorld chat != spectator chat
2016-03-31 TimePathDon't call sv_hook_gamestart if we want to restart
2016-03-31 TimePathFix IRC bot double chat
2016-03-31 MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/warmup_limit_fix' into 'master'
2016-03-31 MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/scoreboard_columns_fix' into...
2016-03-31 MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/more_apply_button_settings...
2016-03-31 TimePathjson: fix array parsing
2016-03-29 Rudolf PolzerFor some reason the game that's being played on Gitlab...
2016-03-29 Rudolf PolzerFix missing g-23 bot waypoint in the Gitlab project.
2016-03-29 Rudolf PolzerServerbench: stop sending a log to a HTTP server.
2016-03-29 Rudolf PolzerStop conveyors from moving a player after respawning...
2016-03-29 Rudolf PolzerFix bots with sv_gameplayfix_blowupfallenzombies 0.
2016-03-29 MarioWhen picking up a powerup, don't keep playing the old...
2016-03-28 terencehillLink more settings to the Apply button 303/head
2016-03-28 terencehillFix warmup limit 301/head
2016-03-28 MarioPut pure entities in the very center of the map (corner...
2016-03-28 terencehillCleanup: further split default columns layout and move... 302/head
2016-03-28 terencehillFix various warnings starting race, cts and invasion...
2016-03-28 MarioPut pure entities in the corners of the map instead...
2016-03-28 TimePathMerge branch 'TimePath/json'
2016-03-28 TimePathjson: property accessor
2016-03-28 TimePathjson: support root arrays
2016-03-28 TimePathjson: strip insignificant whitespace
2016-03-28 TimePathjson: return a stringbuffer
2016-03-28 TimePathBasic JSON parser
2016-03-28 MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/race_fix' into 'master'
2016-03-28 MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/ca_msg_fix' into 'master'
2016-03-27 terencehillAdd g_race_qualifying_timelimit_override description 296/head
2016-03-27 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/race_fix
2016-03-27 terencehillCA: fix "You are now alone!" message displayed twice 300/head
2016-03-27 TimePathhud: correctly identify icon_right_align as an int
2016-03-27 TimePathRace: don't spawn a fake player
2016-03-27 TimePathOops
2016-03-27 TimePathPropagate this
2016-03-27 MarioMerge branch 'Mario/warpzone_self'
2016-03-27 MarioFix more self uses in warpzone lib
2016-03-26 MarioUndo last commit (result is used much later to get...
2016-03-26 MarioDon't call crosshair_trace on racer (results appear...
2016-03-26 MarioBring back the precache hook (abused by mods)
2016-03-26 MarioDon't store vehicle's antilag data to the player's...
2016-03-26 MarioAlways disable self damage from the blaster in instagib
2016-03-26 TimePathSelf removal kit: update plan
2016-03-26 TimePathPropagate this
2016-03-26 MarioPurge self from most of the warpzone lib
2016-03-26 MarioAdd a low attenuation for turret/vehicle projectile...
2016-03-26 MarioFix vehicle alarms to only play to the driver (yay...
2016-03-26 MarioHopefully fix silly compilation test unit
2016-03-26 MarioClean up some more self uses
2016-03-26 MarioClean out some more self uses from vehicle code
2016-03-26 MarioIf the monster is a client, don't attempt to remove it
2016-03-26 MarioSet self in vehicle frames as before (until we can...
2016-03-26 TimePathMerge branch 'terencehill/hud_fixes' into 'master'
2016-03-26 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/hud_fixes 294/head
2016-03-25 MarioSet vehic velocity, not self.vehicle
2016-03-25 TimePathIter.qh: refactor
2016-03-25 TimePathMenu: force visible when not connected
2016-03-25 TimePathInventory: check for null
2016-03-25 TimePathAntilag: pass correct storage entity when vehicles...
2016-03-25 TimePathAccept hash change in aa3e381, a new class was added
2016-03-25 TimePathFix PlayerState ownership
2016-03-24 MarioAdjust the shotgun secondary animtime slightly in all...
2016-03-24 MarioHack to fix crouch prediction and hook/melee/frozen
2016-03-24 MarioGreatly reduce console spam between map changes
2016-03-24 MarioColorize vehicle's crosshair (optional, cl_vehicles_cro...
2016-03-24 MarioFix teleporters resetting player's view when inside...
2016-03-24 MarioAdd a magic fallback number incase scoreboard_bg_scale...
2016-03-24 MarioUpdate the player stats uri in config
2016-03-24 TimePathSuppress warning in overkill+lms
2016-03-24 TimePathBumblebee spawn test
2016-03-24 TimePathDon't call wr_gonethink without a weapon
2016-03-24 TimePathSimplify progs.inc
2016-03-23 TimePathMark dirty csprogs pk3 with ~, * is a reserved characte...
2016-03-23 TimePathTypecheck weaponframe
2016-03-23 TimePathMerge branch 'terencehill/warmup_limit' into 'master'
2016-03-23 terencehillCompact Announcer_Time code 295/head
2016-03-23 MarioClean up vehicle physics plugin a bit
2016-03-23 terencehillAdd a stat for warmup limit so the hud timer can show...
2016-03-23 terencehillRestore the forward declaration of ActivateTeamplay()
2016-03-23 TimePathProvisions for unit testing
2016-03-23 TimePathFix regressions in 911f8048
2016-03-23 TimePathTransmute player entities
2016-03-22 TimePathOO: transmute
2016-03-22 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/race_fix
2016-03-22 terencehillFix race not starting (game ends) when the qualifying...
2016-03-22 TimePathDoxygen: improve static members and zoned strings
2016-03-22 MarioFix up even more self uses
2016-03-22 MarioPurge self from bot roles
2016-03-22 MarioAnother load of self cases fixed
2016-03-22 TimePathDoxygen: improve
2016-03-22 MarioRid more bot files of self
2016-03-22 MarioMinor performance tweak
2016-03-22 MarioFix up a little function, should be last of the self...
2016-03-22 MarioCleanse some uses of self in the bot code
2016-03-22 TimePathLinguist: override *.q[ch], *.inc
2016-03-22 TimePathUse macros for labels
2016-03-22 TimePathRemove unused SELFPARAM()