Lighting is done
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2011-06-18 cbrutailLighting is done
2011-06-17 cbrutaillighting up the place, but there's still some work...
2011-06-15 cbrutailMerge branch 'master' into cbrutail/map-lightspeed
2011-06-15 cbrutailLighting u pthe place
2011-06-15 cbrutailYou've been... THUNDERSTRUCK!
2011-06-13 cbrutailNew texture, modified shaders, new edtails etc.
2011-06-12 cbrutailMerge branch 'cbrutail/lightspeed_foliage_models' into...
2011-06-12 cbrutailnew details + background sounds
2011-06-12 cbrutailMerge branch 'master' into cbrutail/map-lightspeed
2011-06-08 cbrutailFixed on texture issue.
2011-06-07 cbrutailReworked skybox
2011-06-07 cbrutaildetailing up
2011-06-06 cbrutailModified hallways, added some ambient sounds, details...
2011-06-06 cbrutailAdded some more details to the red lab :D
2011-06-06 cbrutailMerge branch 'master' into cbrutail/map-lightspeed
2011-06-04 cbrutailAdding new files needed for red-details.
2011-06-03 cbrutailDomes are probably placeholders, but they can be later...
2011-06-02 cbrutailJust a small fix, and indication that I'm not dead...
2011-06-02 cbrutailMerge branch 'master' into cbrutail/map-lightspeed
2011-05-20 cbrutailWorked a lot on blue details. Started red ones too.
2011-05-19 cbrutailFigured out how func_rain does, and made ugly workaroun...
2011-05-18 cbrutailCan't remember everything, but making progress.
2011-05-18 cbrutailMerge branch 'master' into cbrutail/map-lightspeed
2010-11-30 cbrutailContinued work. New bridge, new textures, new look.
2010-11-01 cbrutaildetailing up the map and retexturing
2010-11-01 cbrutailMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-11-01 cbrutailMore retexturing, more brush fixes.
2010-11-01 cbrutailMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-11-01 cbrutailInitial push of Lightspeed (1on1 CTF Map). It was once...