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2017-02-26 MirioMerge branch 't0uYK8Ne/map-fixes' into 'master'
2017-02-19 t0uYK8NeFix paths to lights
2017-02-19 t0uYK8Nesolarium: clip pipes near big armor
2017-02-19 t0uYK8Nesolarium: extend the water to the end of the tunnel
2017-02-19 t0uYK8Nevorix: texture fix, add missing brush
2017-02-19 t0uYK8Nevorix: delete duplicate railing pieces
2017-02-19 t0uYK8Nestormkeep: lower ceiling clip in mortar room
2017-02-19 t0uYK8Nestormkeep: texture fixes
2017-02-19 t0uYK8Nesilentsiege: texture fixes
2017-02-19 t0uYK8Neatelier: extend the trim to the wall
2017-02-19 t0uYK8Nespace-elevator: delete unused teleporter destination
2017-02-19 t0uYK8Nespace-elevator: minor geometry fixes
2017-02-19 t0uYK8Nespace-elevator: texture fixes
2017-02-09 MirioMerge branch 't0uYK8Ne/ent-typos-fix' into 'master'
2017-02-08 t0uYK8NeFix typos in entities.ent 62/head
2017-02-08 MirioHide rc and cts levels since those modes are hidden...
2017-02-07 MirioMerge branch 'martin-t/campaign2' into 'master'
2017-02-07 Martin Taibrreword 61/head
2017-02-07 Martin Taibrfix default for jetpack
2017-02-07 Martin Taibrfix bot number in another keyhunt level
2017-02-01 MirioForgot to change description
2017-02-01 MirioReduce LMS lives to 5
2017-02-01 MirioUpdate Catharsis mapinfo
2017-02-01 MirioMerge branch 'martin-t/campaign' into 'master'
2017-01-31 Martin Taibrfix default key for hook in campaign descriptions 60/head
2017-01-31 Martin Taibrkey holder -> key carrier
2017-01-31 Martin Taibrget rid of the word modus to avoid even more consufion...
2017-01-31 Martin Taibrfreezed -> frozen
2017-01-30 MirioMerge branch 'catharsis-cleanup' into 'master'
2017-01-28 MirioSome fixes by Spike29
2017-01-26 t0uYK8NeCatharsis cleanup 59/head
2017-01-23 MirioClip two places
2017-01-16 MirioCompile Solarium again with fixed shader file
2017-01-16 MirioFix #123
2017-01-16 MirioChange cdtrack to 2, so we make use of all tracks
2016-12-31 MirioYou will compile dance in 2016 wont you
2016-12-29 MirioCompile maps please
2016-12-27 MirioUpdate versioning
2016-12-27 MirioUpdate maps with new entity maps
2016-12-27 MirioMerge branch 'DefaultUser/entity_def' into 'master'
2016-12-25 MarioRemove slowdown field from dance, poll passed
2016-11-18 MirioFix bot number of KH level
2016-11-07 MirioFix generator message
2016-11-07 MirioFix barrels
2016-11-07 MirioFix #122
2016-11-05 FreddyRename item_health_large to item_health_big 57/head
2016-11-04 FreddyRename item_armor_large to item_armor_mega
2016-10-26 MirioMerge branch 'maddin/map-warfare-updates'
2016-10-26 MirioMerge branch 'master' into maddin/map-warfare-updates
2016-10-26 MirioMerge branch 'packer/vorix' into 'master'
2016-10-26 MirioMerge branch 'master' into packer/vorix 53/head
2016-10-25 MirioRemove gametypefilter and fix z-fight
2016-10-25 MirioMerge branch 'master' into packer/vorix
2016-10-25 MirioMerge branch 'master' into maddin/map-warfare-updates
2016-10-20 MirioMerge branch 'stormkeep-caulk-fix' into 'master'
2016-10-18 t0uYK8Nestormkeep: fix visible caulk 55/head
2016-08-16 MarioMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/matthiaskrgr/implo...
2016-08-08 MarioUse .wav instead of .ogg in warfare map file, should...
2016-07-27 Matthias Krügerimplosion: fix tubes not connected to brush (near map...
2016-07-13 MarioFix a minor texture issue on dance
2016-07-11 MarioRemove non-team modes from dance (servers that wish...
2016-06-25 MarioFix Atelier speakers pointing to a non-existent sound...
2016-06-12 MarioCorrect spelling mistake in some commented out cvars
2016-06-08 packerfix lava spot
2016-06-02 Maddinfixed ceiling beneath MG, more clipping, some bot donot...
2016-04-15 MirioFix texture alignment
2016-04-06 MirioMerge branch 'matthiaskrgr/afterslime_windowfix' into...
2016-03-25 Matthias Krügerafterslime: fix window when viewing from inside slime...
2016-03-24 MirioRevert stuff
2016-03-23 MirioClips clips clip
2016-02-21 packerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into packe...
2016-02-21 packerfix boxes
2016-01-27 Rudolf PolzerWTF, this texture had red and green channels swapped...
2016-01-27 Rudolf PolzerFix some Y channels.
2016-01-22 packerupdate location names
2016-01-20 MirioFix missing texture
2016-01-15 Rudolf PolzerFix most of solarpanel.
2016-01-14 Rudolf PolzerUpdate shaderlist.
2016-01-14 Rudolf PolzerFix catharsis and crystals shader (make them conform...
2016-01-14 Rudolf PolzerFix blendfunc auditing for texture blending shaders.
2016-01-14 Rudolf Polzerminor fixes
2016-01-11 MirioWeapon clips, so projectiles do not disappear
2016-01-11 MirioEnlarge teleporter trigger so you won't get stuck anymore
2016-01-01 MirioClip places which you should not reach, clip doorways...
2015-12-31 MirioFix warpzone sound volumes
2015-12-30 MarioAdd a note to misc_gamemodel preferring use of misc_cli...
2015-10-26 MirioMerge branch 'maddin/textures-phillipk2x-fixes' into...
2015-10-23 mschwanactual add the missing image...
2015-10-23 mschwanadded transparent and opaque variations for grate shade...
2015-10-01 MirioFix getting stuck at pipes
2015-10-01 MirioMerge branch 'maddin/map-warfare' into 'master'
2015-10-01 mschwanaligned light over the MG
2015-10-01 mschwanenable reflections again
2015-10-01 mschwanworkaround for issue with buggy reflections, see #102...
2015-10-01 MirioMerge branch 'maddin/textures-phillipk2x-cleanup' into...
2015-10-01 MirioMerge branch 'maddin/textures-common' into 'master'
2015-10-01 MirioMerge branch 'maddin/map-warfare' into 'master'
2015-10-01 MirioDisable reflections
2015-09-30 mschwanadded missing empty lines, formatting
2015-09-29 MirioMerge branch 'matthiaskrgr/light_misc' into 'master'