2010-08-18 Rudolf Polzerwhy did I forget to remove thunder...
2010-08-18 Rudolf Polzerremove an useless question mark
2010-08-18 Rudolf Polzerremove sixtyfour_ for now, as agreed with coordinator
2010-08-15 Rudolf Polzernew version of rising-of-the-phoenix
2010-08-13 Rudolf Polzeradd replaygain
2010-08-13 Rudolf Polzeradd meltdown
2010-08-13 Rudolf Polzerremove desert3
2010-08-13 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote branch 'refs/remotes/origin/divVerent...
2010-08-13 Rudolf Polzerrising-of-the-phoenix by master[mind]
2010-07-21 Rudolf PolzerCRLF fixes, .gitattributes file updated
2010-05-08 Rudolf Polzercdtracks management scripts fixed
2010-05-08 Rudolf Polzerremove cdtracks that seem GPL incompatible (sourceless)
2010-04-17 Rudolf Polzer.gitattributes update for IDE project files
2010-04-17 Rudolf Polzerfix lots of CRLFs
2010-04-17 Rudolf Polzer.gitattributes
2010-03-18 xonoticinitial checkin from nexuiz svn r8756