gmqcc: the usual branch now is main.
[xonotic/xonotic.git] / misc / logos / xonotic-glx.desktop
2020-05-11 Martin TaibrMerge branch 'linux-desktop-prefer-non-default-gpu...
2020-05-06 Hugo LocurcioRequest the dedicated GPU when starting Xonotic from... 66/head
2019-10-11 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'cmake-q3map2' into 'master'
2019-09-30 MarioMerge branch 'nyov/wikiexporter' into 'master'
2019-09-30 MarioMerge branch 'packer/cached-converter' into 'master'
2019-09-28 MarioMerge branch 'translate_desktop' into 'master'
2019-09-27 WuzzyMerge branch 'master' into 'translate_desktop' 57/head
2019-09-27 MarioMerge branch 'all-default-to-release' into 'master'
2019-09-27 MarioMerge branch 'translate-desktop-appdata-french' into...
2019-09-25 MarioMerge branch 'martin-t/vbots' into 'master'
2019-09-20 Hugo LocurcioTranslate desktop files and AppData to French 61/head
2019-08-23 WuzzyTranslate desktop files and AppData to German
2019-08-19 MarioUpdate xonotic-glx.desktop to match the SDL file
2019-08-18 Martin TaibrMerge branch 'master' into martin-t/vbots
2019-08-18 MarioMerge branch 'Mario/glx_build' into 'master'
2019-08-18 MarioRestore the GLX binary on Linux systems
2018-10-19 MarioMerge branch 'asciiwolf/xonotic-appdata'
2018-10-19 MarioMerge branch 'asciiwolf/xonotic-makefile-fix'
2018-10-17 Rudolf PolzerRemove support for the glx binary.
2018-10-17 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'patch-1' into 'master'
2016-10-04 AllisonUpdate xonotic-glx.desktop to Freedesktop standards...
2013-07-13 Rudolf Polzeradd desktop files. No idea where they would have to...