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2016-08-19 Martin TaibrUpdate repo download time
2016-08-19 Martin TaibrUpdate repo size
2016-01-02 Martin TaibrBackticks around -r
2015-09-16 TimePath./all run was also missing
2015-09-16 TimePath./all compile was missing
2015-02-08 TimePathUpdate project structure
2014-11-20 nyovMerge branch 'xonotic'
2014-11-20 nyovrename before merge
2014-11-20 nyoveManual fixes for conversion fails
2014-11-19 nyovremove obsolete references to Redmine wiki things
2014-11-19 nyovtextile to gh-markdown (pandoc conversion)
2014-11-19 nyovrename files before conversion