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2017-03-23 Martin TaibrMerge branch 'martin-t/cleanup'
2017-03-22 Martin TaibrMerge branch 'master' into martin-t/cleanup
2017-03-04 Martin Taibrthe big rename
2016-07-07 BuddyFriendGuytypo rectile -> reticle
2016-07-07 BuddyFriendGuyMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2016-07-07 BuddyFriendGuyadd weapprev/next key; add a note that this is still...
2016-07-07 BuddyFriendGuyadd more view pics
2016-07-07 BuddyFriendGuyadd Raptor rectile
2016-07-07 BuddyFriendGuyfix wrong pic placement
2016-07-07 BuddyFriendGuyadd description for all vehicles
2016-07-05 BuddyFriendGuyadd alt text to images
2016-07-05 BuddyFriendGuyfix images to smaller ones
2016-07-05 BuddyFriendGuyfix bumblebee spelling and resizing images
2016-07-05 BuddyFriendGuyadd image references in Vehicle
2016-07-05 BuddyFriendGuyadd that some vehicles can fly
2016-07-05 BuddyFriendGuyspiderbot isn't a bot
2016-07-05 BuddyFriendGuytypo
2016-07-05 BuddyFriendGuyadd operating a vehicle
2016-07-05 BuddyFriendGuyadd vehicle class names for mappers
2016-07-04 BuddyFriendGuyfix links
2016-07-04 BuddyFriendGuytypo
2016-07-04 BuddyFriendGuyadd outline for vehicles
2014-11-20 nyovMerge branch 'xonotic'
2014-11-20 nyovrename before merge
2014-11-20 nyoveManual fixes for conversion fails
2014-11-19 nyovtextile to gh-markdown (pandoc conversion)
2014-11-19 nyovrename files before conversion