Fixed wrong filename in
[xonotic/xonstat.git] / development.ini
2012-05-05 nyovadapted z's search engine hints and header
2011-10-27 Ant ZucaroAdd a leaderboard lifetime. Default to 30. New config...
2011-10-20 Ant ZucaroConfigure required minimum players using the ini file.
2011-06-30 antzucaroMerge pull request #1 from z/master
2011-06-29 Tyler MulliganApplied Xonotic HTML/CSS/JS theme and worked existing...
2011-05-05 Ant ZucaroAdd basic views for player and game info, plus the...
2011-04-01 Ant ZucaroAdd jinja2 default directory.
2011-03-31 Ant ZucaroInitial commit from Paster template