Merge branch 'add-game-id-indexes'
[xonotic/xonstatdb.git] / scripts /
2017-11-25 Ant ZucaroMerge branch 'add-game-id-indexes' master
2017-11-08 Ant ZucaroUpdate the refresh script for active servers. top-servers
2017-05-13 Ant ZucaroAdd a pl/pgsql block to update the player_agg_stats_mv...
2017-04-30 Ant ZucaroAdd category to player_ranks and its history.
2017-04-22 Ant ZucaroAdd a SQL script to clean the DB.
2017-01-19 Ant ZucaroAdd a script to create a data snapshot of the DB.
2016-02-02 Ant ZucaroAdd a script to refresh active maps.
2016-01-30 Ant ZucaroAdd a script to refresh active servers.
2016-01-30 Ant ZucaroAdd script to refresh the active players MV.
2016-01-29 Ant ZucaroAdd script to refresh summary stats.
2016-01-26 Ant ZucaroConsolidate indexes for the games table.
2016-01-21 Ant ZucaroExclude rankings for those at the Elo floor.
2015-01-11 Ant ZucaroAdd primary keys using our naming scheme.
2015-01-11 Rudolf PolzerCreate a game_id index, and put the gin(players) index...
2014-12-24 Ant ZucaroThe games table gets a gin index on players.
2014-11-30 Ant ZucaroAdd team_game_stats to the mix.
2014-11-19 Ant ZucaroAdd indexes. Rename to reflect its purpose.
2014-11-18 Ant ZucaroAdd table definitions.
2014-11-18 Ant ZucaroComplete trigger definition.
2014-11-18 Ant ZucaroRule generator for partitions. Incomplete.
2014-05-28 Ant ZucaroMerge branch 'master' of
2014-05-28 Ant ZucaroAdd script to purge anticheat logs.
2014-02-10 Ant ZucaroPlaying one Elo game type in the past 30 days will...
2013-08-17 antzucaroDamn off-by-one errors. *shakes fist*
2013-08-17 antzucaroUse a new Elo rot scheme.
2013-08-11 Ant ZucaroAdd drop and load convenience script.
2013-01-16 Ant ZucaroMerge branch 'master' of
2013-01-02 antzucaroMerge branch 'master' of
2013-01-02 antzucaroUse greatest instead of least.
2012-12-15 Ant ZucaroRemove the commit. It is redundant.
2012-12-15 Ant ZucaroAdd a small script to update the summary stats table.
2012-12-02 Ant ZucaroAdd elo rot script.
2012-06-11 Ant ZucaroMerge branch 'master' of
2012-06-11 Ant ZucaroAdd an active indicator to player_elo.
2012-03-20 Ant ZucaroDamn you, pgadmin!
2012-03-20 Ant ZucaroAdding yo dawg, just for the hell of it.
2012-03-20 Ant ZucaroMerge branch 'master' of
2012-03-20 Ant ZucaroA simple dashboard report for providing high level...
2012-02-20 Ant ZucaroSupport deactivating players.
2012-01-22 Ant ZucaroWhoops, add the 32 game req.
2012-01-22 Ant ZucaroSave rank history and also do not generate ranks if...
2012-01-22 Ant ZucaroSmall transaction to regenerate ranks.