2011-04-28 azucaroAdd alivetime and rank to player_game_stats table.
2011-04-28 Ant ZucaroMisc fixes.
2011-04-28 Ant ZucaroFix weapon_cd in child table.
2011-04-28 Ant ZucaroAdd public key to servers.
2011-04-27 Ant ZucaroAdd hit and fired to player_weapon_stats.
2011-04-27 Ant ZucaroAdd revision to servers table.
2011-04-27 Ant ZucaroAlign weapon codes with what is emitted in the stats...
2011-04-23 Ant ZucaroAdd plural to alter for map_game_types.
2011-03-09 Ant ZucaroAdd default to servers table.
2011-03-06 Ant ZucaroUpdate README
2011-03-06 Ant ZucaroGet rid of time zones. We do not need them.
2011-03-06 Ant ZucaroChange from integer to serial where I forgot on servers.
2011-03-06 Ant ZucaroChange datatypes from integer to serial where I forgot.
2011-03-06 Ant ZucaroAdd ignore file.
2011-03-06 Ant ZucaroChange player_*_stats to bigserial - there is going...
2011-03-06 Ant ZucaroChange foreign keys from serial to integer.
2011-03-06 Ant ZucaroInitial commit - migration of xonstatdb from MySQL...